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Oasis Community Town Hall Recap: June 2023

The Oasis community enjoyed a high-energy, deeply educational town hall discussion in June that outlined several exciting updates on ecosystem growth, technical integrations, and industry partnerships. The entire Oasis team extends a warm thank you to everyone who joined the discussion.

This article provides a detailed summary of the event for anyone who was unable to join the live town hall call. Before diving into the updates, here is a highlight of just a few of the many Oasis team members who facilitated the event and presented updates to the community.

  • Jernej Kos – the Oasis Town Hall MC
  • Peter Gilbert – discussion lead for Web3 Privacy overview and Oasis Q&A
  • Xi Zhang – discussion lead for Oasis Sapphire privacy features
  • Ade Molajo – discussion lead for Oasis ecosystem updates
  • Matej Janez – discussion lead for Oasis integrations and strategy overview
  • Nick Hynes – discussion lead for Layer 2 autonomous computing

Oasis is also thrilled to welcome two new team members who also contributed.

  • Harry Roberts (Technical Product Manager for Sapphire)
  • Andrew Baker (Oasis Global Community Moderator)

What Oasis Accomplished in Q2 2023

Oasis successfully launched the Sapphire runtime on Mainnet.

This event marked an historic stride forward for the Oasis community’s overarching goal of advancing better Web3 privacy through technological innovation. Sapphire enables unique use cases for dApps and empowers dApp developers with enhanced security and simplified privacy. In short, Sapphire brings smart privacy to every corner of Web3. Read more about Sapphire here.

Oasis Wallet and Oasis Explorer got new upgrades.

Usability enhancements for both Oasis tools were highlighted during the town hall. Both products have been refined with upgrades that provide users with an even more seamless experience navigating the Oasis ecosystem and leveraging its features in their daily Web3 activities. 

Oasis integrated Celer’s messaging bridge on Sapphire.

In a massive effort to expand the reach of Sapphire throughout Web3, Oasis successfully integrated Celer’s messaging bridge. This cross-chain communications tool allows developers on other blockchains to leverage the power of Sapphire without fully migrating to the Oasis Network. In short, thanks to Sapphire, privacy can be brought to any network – a developer’s home chain can be anywhere. Read more about this key integration here

The power of the Oasis Privacy Layer was explained to the community.

Oasis presented a tutorial for developers of the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) and what it offers to dApps who prioritize better privacy. Using OPL can protect user data, ensure confidentiality, and bring smart privacy from Sapphire to any host network. Read more about OPL here

Oasis engineers completed multiple integrations with even more to come.

In the past few months, Oasis engineers have completed multiple value-add integrations, including Chainstacks node support, Oasis Safe launch, and the Covalent API integration. Oasis also announced an exciting partnership with Router Protocol. Each of these accomplishments marks one step forward in improving the functionality, usability, and seamless accessibility of Oasis technology for everyone in Web3. 

The full one-hour recording of the June Town Hall meeting is embedded below:

Join the Next Town Hall

Stay tuned for more development as Oasis continues its journey toward a more privacy and secure Web3 environment. Also, monitor Oasis online communities for the announcement of the next Town Hall meeting. 

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The future of Web3 will not build itself. Oasis is proud to have a global community of passionate users, builders, creators, and educators united by a shared passion for privacy.