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Run a Node

Run a node to contribute to the network, earn staking rewards and much more.

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Grants Program

Receive up to $50,000 for your next project created and deployed on the Oasis Network.

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University Program

Apply to the Oasis University Program, the largest Layer 1 blockchain program in the world.

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Official Wallet

Fast, secure and easy. The Oasis official wallet is your Gateway to the $ROSE Token.

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Learn about the fundamentals of Oasis Protocol and find out how our Network operates from our documentation.

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Mainnet Explorer

Discover the Emerald Mainnet Explorer. Search the Oasis Mainnet for transactions, addresses, tokens and more.

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YuzuSwap DEX

A decentralized exchange on the Oasis Emerald paratime that includes incentives like liquidity & and trade mining.

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Token Bridge

Wormhole Token Bridge. Transfer tokenized assets across Oasis, Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Terra, Polygon and Avalanche.

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Become an Oasis Ambasador

Join the Oasis family and receive rewards for completing tasks

Build real-world experience in the blockchain field and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.

Join the Oasis Extended Team and be part of a larger community of privacy enthusiasts. Become a key contributor to the Oasis Foundation and Ecosystem and receive rewards in $ROSE for completing tasks assigned by our community managers.

Start earning rewards and gain invaluable experience!

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Community Team

Meet the Oasis Community Team that makes everything possible

Rani Elias

Senior Technical Coordinator

Meredith Darden

Community Manager


Mihnea Stefanescu

Technical Coordinator


Diana Magerie

Community Event Manager



Spanish Community Manager

Myra Wang

China Community Lead

Julio Cesar Arango

Community Moderator

Danelle Black

Community Moderator


Vishal Kohli

Community Moderator