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6 Integrations That Will Shape Oasis in 2023 and Beyond

Growth comes from collaboration, and strong industry partners are an essential catalyst for shaping the future of Web3 and building better privacy for everyone online. It’s only June, and the Oasis community is buzzing with new partnerships and key integrations in 2023. With a clear vision to build a privacy layer for all of Web3, this series of recently announced partnerships have set the stage for the future of Oasis.

Keep reading this blog post for a review of these announcements to catch up on what is happening in the Oasis community! Join us on an exhilarating journey to bring Web3 privacy to everyone.


Since 2018, Covalent has been building the industry-leading API with visibility into billions of Web3 data points. Covalent supports data from more than 100 blockchains and is used by thousands of dApp developers. With a new integration partnership between Oasis and Covalent, Sapphire developers use these same data tools for building confidential, high-performance applications on Web3’s leading privacy network. 

Here are some of the key advantages Covalent offers to the Oasis community.  

  1. Granular Runtime Data: Any developer, user, or analyst in Web3 can now surface network data from Sapphire – the first and only confidential EVM-compatible runtime – through Covalent APIs. This data enables granular, reliable insight into network activity, user trends, and ecosystem growth.
  2. Decentralized Redundancy: By adding Sapphire data to Covalent, the Oasis community is decentralizing the Oasis Network data stack for redundancy and validator incentives. This integration provides developers with reliable, high-quality data that will allow them to build faster and easier.


Chainstack builds enterprise-grade infrastructure for anyone in Web3 to access to empower builders and creators without the hassle of manually managing nodes. With the recently added support for Oasis on the Chainstack platform, anyone can launch and run an Oasis Sapphire node with ease to support the first (and only) confidentiality-enabled EVM network in Web3.

Here are some key advantages that Chainstack brings to Oasis builders. 

  1. Full Nodes, Fast: Thanks to the patented Bolt technology from Chainstack, users receive fully-synced dedicated Oasis Sapphire nodes in almost no time at all. And, by using up-to-date snapshots of the Oasis ledger, Chainstack spins up dedicated Oasis Sapphire RPC nodes with the latest state.
  2. Simplified Node Management: Everything needed to manage an Oasis node is available in one feature-rich dashboard on Chainstack. Web3 novices and veterans alike can supercharge their infrastructure with the privacy technology from Oasis managed through the Chainstack platform.
  3. Cost-Effective Participation: Managing Oasis nodes at optimum efficiency with minimal overhead costs is now easily achievable. Users can rely on cost-effective solutions tailored to fit both their budget and technical needs by using Chainstack. 

Learn more about this partnership by listening to this Twitter Space recording

Gnosis Safe Fork

Gnosis Safe is a popular multi-signature wallet for securely managing and storing digital assets. Built on Ethereum, this wallet tool utilizes a multi-signature approach (i.e., involves multiple parties or addresses) to approve a transaction before it can be executed. Working with Protofire, Oasis deployed Oasis Safe on the Sapphire runtime in May 2023 to add an extra layer of security against unauthorized access or potential hacking attempts.

Here are some of the key Gnosis Safe features.

  1. Multi-Signature Functionality: Users can create wallets with multiple owners (or signers) who each have their own private key. A predefined number of owners need to sign off before transactions from these wallets can be executed, which offers increased security against theft or fraud.
  1. User Security Features: Gnosis Safe incorporates various security measures, such as hardware wallet integration, two-factor authentication, and contract-based wallet recovery mechanisms. These features help safeguard user assets and mitigate risks associated with potential breaches.
  2. Full Customization: Users can customize their Gnosis Safe wallet with different settings and permissions. For example, they can define the number of required signers, manage access control, and set up transaction thresholds to match their specific needs and preferences.
  3. DeFi Integration: Gnosis Safe is widely adopted within the DeFi ecosystem, and it supports integration with various decentralized applications and protocols. Users can securely interact with the full Web3 ecosystem from Gnosis Safe wallets. 


The AI industry has exploded with momentum since ChatGPT launched, demonstrating the astoundingly powerful capabilities that are possible with AI models. This did not come as a shock to the Oasis team though. Since our inception we have believed in the future potential of AI and have worked to create a network which empowers the industry to reach its potential by allowing it to access personal/sensitive data while maintaining data privacy. In line with this vision Oasis and are thrilled to continue collaborating since 2020 to safely engineer AI, which goes beyond using publically available data like ChatGPT but also incorporates users personal data to build an AI which shatters the limitations of a traditional human experience through an extension to human memory that spans a lifetime.  

By using Oasis technology, and their users experience several critical features.

  1. Contributor Consent: Users can allow third-party use of their data, which is encrypted using the Oasis blockchain as the root of trust. Encryption happens through the Sapphire Key Manager, which generates the encryption keys. Access to data is always guarded by checking consent and registering access requests and grants on-chain. 
  2. Confidential Commodities: Creators can mint a confidential NFT backed by their trained AI avatar on-chain with Oasis. The NFT is a tradable commodity where the ability to interact with a given AI avatar is predicated on buying the corresponding NFT. 
  3. Third-Party Transparency: All customers can track the third-party use of both their data and their AI avatars. This capability ensures that there is a transparent incentive model to monitor use and understand compensation on a trustless network like Oasis.


In partnership with Oasis, Enshrine Computing is pioneering a groundbreaking shift towards an Autonomous Web 4. Leveraging Oasis’ innovative work in incorporating trusted execution environments (TEEs) into the Web3 framework, Enshrine Computing is augmenting this technological breakthrough with their expertise in autonomous computing. This fusion of technologies creates a robust platform for privacy-focused AI applications, with a strong emphasis on user-centric data control and the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of use cases.

Some unique use cases that Enshrine brings to Oasis include: 

  1. Privacy-Preserved Data Processing: Combining TEEs with autonomous computing allows for sensitive data to be processed securely and provides a reliable platform for a variety of industries that manage confidential information, including healthcare, finance, and law.
  2. Personalized Learning Environments: Educational institutions can use autonomous AI to create tailored learning experiences that adapt to individual students’ needs while preserving privacy and data ownership.
  3. Ethical Advertising: Advertisers can use privacy-preserving AI to create personalized ads without invading users’ privacy, creating a more respectful and effective advertising ecosystem.
  4. AI-driven Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Financial institutions can incorporate autonomous AI into their DeFi applications, enhancing security, privacy, and efficiency in transactions and financial services.

Celer Network

Celer Network is a leading communication platform for fast, secure, and low-cost cross-chain composability and bridging. One of Celer’s core applications is the Interchain Messaging (IM) framework, which Oasis recently integrated to the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), powered by Sapphire, which marks the successful deployment of the Oasis ecosystem’s first cross-chain messaging bridge empowering projects on any connected EVM network to incorporate confidential computation to their applications.

For Oasis builders and users, key features from Celer IM’s integration include:

  • Plug and Play: All Web3 dApps can integrate Celer IM through a simple plug-in contract that often requires no code modifications to deployed code.
  • Multichain Support: Celer IM enables the transfer of arbitrary data like contract calls, messages, tokens, NFTs, and data between L1s, sidechains, and L2s.
  • Single UX: Celer IM allows multiple functions like bridge and swap to be performed within a single user experience. As a result, the users have to go through fewer clicks, significantly improving a dApp’s UX.
  • EVM Compatibility: Any applications on prominent EVM networks such as Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, and many more can leverage the Sapphire network’s unique confidentiality features. 

Looking to the Future

The Oasis community has already had an exceptional year of key partnerships and integrations that help forge the path forward to a safer, more secure Web3 economy. These integrations all serve as fundamental building blocks to empower better developer and user experiences as  Oasis strengthens its position as the privacy layer for all of Web3, offering a robust toolkit for creators, users, and developers to build privacy-focused, universally interoperable dApps that cater to any use case. 

The future is exciting for Oasis, and the year (2023) is only halfway over! We eagerly anticipate new partnerships and integrations to help shape the future of Oasis. Join us as we build!