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Identifying Wallets


Before following the instructions below, make sure your Ledger wallet is unlocked and the Oasis App is open.


While the Oasis App is available in Developer mode, opening the App brings up the “Pending Ledger review” screen. You need to press both buttons at once to close that screen and transition to the ordinary “Oasis Ready” screen where the Oasis App is ready to be used.

To list all Ledger wallets connected to a system, run:

oasis-core-ledger list_devices

If your Ledger wallet is properly connected, you should see an output similar to the one below:

- Wallet ID: 431fc6
App version: 1.7.2

You can pass this ID when you need to specify which Ledger wallet you want to connect to via --wallet_id CLI flag or wallet_id configuration key.

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