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Category: Transactions

If you just make a Send transaction to BinanceStaking address oasis1qqekv2ymgzmd8j2s2u7g0hhc7e77e654kvwqtjwm then your ROSE coins are not staked. They are now owned by BinanceStaking, which means they are not lost but only owned and managed by them. In this case, you should contact Binance via their Support Center or Submit a request.


Sending ROSE is different than staking it! With the staking transaction you lend your ROSE to the chosen validator and you are rewarded for that. Sending your ROSE to the receiving address you enter means that only the person who owns the private key (e.g. mnemonics) of that receiving address can manage these tokens and no one else. To learn more, read the Staking and Delegating chapter.