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Category: Wallets

First, check your wallet address. If the address equals the one that you expected your funds on, then the key derivation from mnemonics worked correctly. Make sure you have a working internet connection so that the wallet can fetch the latest balance. Then check that the correct network (Mainnet or Testnet) is selected. These are completely separated networks and although the wallet address can be the same, the transactions and consequently the balances may differ. Finally, there might be a temporary problem with the Oasis Monitor service itself which observes the network and indexes transactions. Oasis Wallets rely on that service and once it is back up and running, you should be able to see the correct balance.

If your wallet address is different than the one you used to transfer your funds to, then you used one of the wallets that don’t implement the standardized key derivation path defined in ADR 0008. If you were using the BitPie wallet see this question. Ledger hardware wallet users should refer to this question.

If you still cannot access your funds, please contact Oasis support.