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Oasis Brings wROSE to PancakeSwap with Celer cBridge

The Oasis Foundation is expanding its cross-chain interoperability to the PancakeSwap trading platform in an exciting new collaboration with Celer. Using cBridge, this new partnership continues to expand the breadth and activity in the Oasis ecosystem by making BNB Chain the first network to support ROSE and wROSE, a wrapped version of the native Oasis Network token. With each team positioned as a leader in their sector, the three-way partnership leverages all available resources to redefine the on- and off-boarding experiences for users in all ecosystems. 

By working closely with Celer and PancakeSwap, the Oasis Foundation opens access for the entire BNB Chain ecosystem to the Oasis Network and creates a seamless experience for the Oasis community to access BNB Chain tools. Critical to this effort is the support of PancakeSwap whitelisting the wROSE asset on their platform so users can quickly and securely move between the two networks. By using the best-in-class cross-chain infrastructure from Celer, cBridge also enables users to directly transfer assets on Metamask from BNB Chain to the Oasis Sapphire runtime fully onchain for the first time without needing to use a centralized exchange.

wROSE (cBridge) Contract: 0xF00600eBC7633462BC4F9C61eA2cE99F5AAEBd4a 

Click here to bridge

Expanding the reach of the Oasis Network to the BNB Chain through cBridge marks another important step in the ongoing collaborative relationship between the Oasis Network and the Celer Network.

“Supporting the increased interoperability between BNB Chain and Oasis is an important step for both communities to take advantage of essential cross-chain infrastructure built by our team,” said Wanli Zhou, Head of Ecosystem at Celer Network. “We are proud to continue working with the Oasis community to facilitate rapid and seamless movement between industry-leading ecosystems.” 

Since 2020, the PancakeSwap platform has continued to innovate in its mission to be an all-in-one multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can trade, earn and own cryptocurrencies. As the leading DEX on the BNB Chain ecosystem, access to PancakeSwap adds significant value to Oasis users who want to move between the two networks to use various applications deployed on each blockchain. 

“We strongly believe in multichain DeFi, and are excited to have greater accessibility for our multichain community to have greater access to Oasis Network,” said Chef Icy – Business Development Lead at PancakeSwap. “Our community looks forward to a ‘rosy’ future with Oasis!”

The Oasis Network has pioneered standards for scaling and privacy in Web3 since its launch in 2018. From versatile protocol architecture like Oasis Sapphire, which enables rapid scaling to interoperable privacy frameworks like the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) that serve users and builders on other blockchains, Oasis is the hub of production-ready Smart Privacy tools for crypto. Expanding the reach of Oasis to other Web3 communities is essential to bolster the user experiences of the global Oasis community. 

“Oasis is proud to work with other industry leaders to build strong collaborative relationships between thriving communities like Celer and BNB,” said Jernej Kos, Director at the Oasis Foundation. “Celer and BNB Chain share our vision for less siloed, more integrated Web3, and expanding the reach of Oasis to BNB Chain through Celer cBridge is a key step in realizing that future.”  

About Oasis

The Oasis Network is the leading privacy-first scalable Web3 network working to revolutionize user privacy, data protection and cross-chain composability. With its versatile, high throughput, low gas fees and secure protocols, Oasis has been reshaping Web3 confidentiality since 2018. Smart Privacy starts here.

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