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Top 4 Integrations of Oasis Privacy from 2023

The Oasis Network was created to redefine the standards for flexible confidentiality and smart privacy. Moreover, solving Web3 privacy should not be expensive, complex or rigid. A variety of teams across Web3 validated the importance of this mission by integrating the Sapphire runtime and its companion tool the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) to improve the confidentiality for the dApps that they offer to users.

Here are some highlights of noteworthy Oasis privacy integrations from 2023. 

PixelRealm (f.k.a., NFTb)

PixelRealm is a Binance Labs-backed multichain social gaming hub with integrated DeFi features. In 2024, the team is planning a rebranding to PixelRealm in 2024. But the mission to bridge the gap between DeFi and NFTs is the same.

Collectibles, gaming, and other less-financialized corners of crypto need robust confidentiality protections just as badly as the rest of DeFi does. Proudly backed by the Oasis Grants Program, PixelRealm is leveraging  the Oasis Sapphire Network to enable the first ever sealed bid auction mechanisms that connect the Oasis ecosystem to BNB chain and other communities in Web3.

Explore the PixelRealm marketplaces here.

Find updates from the team on Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

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Ocean Protocol

Since 2017, Ocean Protocol has worked to bring next-generation data dApps to Web3 that can safely and efficiently work with raw data. In 2023, Ocean Predictoor launched to bring a new dimension to crowd-sourced on-chain prediction markets. Individuals using Ocean Predictoor can submit data driven accountable predictions and stake money on them. Money is made when predictions are correct, and lost when they aren’t. 

Importantly, Ocean recognized the Sapphire runtime on Oasis as the only sufficiently secure, production ready privacy tool to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of Ocean’s prediction feeds. Predictoor leverages Sapphire in order to provide confidential state, confidential computation, and customizable privacy features to meet the needs of each prediction market and its data. 

The Oasis Foundation also recently announced an extension of support for Predictoor Predictoor Data Farming (DF) incentives program through all of 2024. Data Farming is Ocean’s incentive program to reward users for passive DF, curated volume DF, one-time predictions or ongoing predictions. 

Explore the Predictoor markets here


Illuminex is the first confidential DEX launched on Oasis that uses the power of the Sapphire runtime and the Oasis Privacy Layer to address the privacy limitations of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Illuminex is also proudly backed by the Oasis Grants Program.

With a few clicks, illumineX users can move funds, swap tokens, and transfer between chains with fully compliant privacy — without the risk of being frontran by lurking MEV searchers. Tokens on illumineX are wrapped into confidential ERC-20 tokens within the Oasis Sapphire runtime. Find updates on Twitter or Telegram and stay tuned for the Illuminex mainnet launch in 2024.

Try the Illuminex beta version here.


Empyreal is a fully privacy preserving wallet abstraction implementation on Arbitrum. Oasis serves as its privacy layer built on top of the tooling developed while building the privacy preserving ERC20 implementation. At its core, Empyreal is a platform for launching revenue-generating products (called EmpyrealApps) and showcases the power of integrating privacy into the SDK. 

The Enclave application won a top prize at the Oasis Privacy4Web3 hackathon and is set to launch on Ethereum’s mainnet. (Watch the demo here). On the surface, OPL is a framework of a few hundred lines of code that acts as a gateway to better privacy. By bringing the best parts of the Oasis Network’s interoperable privacy to any other EVM ecosystem, OPL empowers Empyreal and other crypto developers to integrate privacy and confidential compute into their normal on-chain activity without migrating to a new blockchain.

Find updates and engage with their community on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, and their website.