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Oasis at ETHDam: Main Sponsorship, Hackathon and More

What started off as sponsorships at Dappcon in Berlin and SmartCon in Barcelona last year, turned into a huge opportunity for Oasis to showcase what it can do for the industry as a whole, with strong emphasis on the Ethereum ecosystem. In just a few weeks, Oasis will take over Amsterdam at ETHDam as its main sponsor for the premier Ethereum and privacy event in Europe!

Over the course of three days, ETHDam and Oasis will welcome hundreds of hackers, crypto natives and creators to dive into the world of Ethereum, smart-privacy solutions and EVM compatibility. But, ETHDam isn’t confined to the Grote Zaal, its main stage; Oasis will be all over Amsterdam, offering privacy workshops, engaging networking events and much more for every kind of crypto enthusiast.

Connect, learn and explore in an environment where the future of privacy and blockchain technology takes center stage — with Oasis in the heart of it all!

Oasis Team in Action

This year, ETHDam features an impressive lineup of speakers and topics, and Oasis is no stranger.

For the Keynote session, dive into the future of Ethereum with Oasis’ Harry Roberts as he explores the potential of Confidential EVM for next-generation smart contracts. This session looks to shed light on how privacy and efficiency can coexist as blockchain technology evolves.

In a panel discussion moderated by Oasis’ Matej Janez, Harry Roberts, alongside industry experts Captain McAteer and Mihai Scarlat, will explore the intricacies of privacy in the digital age, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in blockchain privacy.

Stay tuned for more information in the next coming weeks for schedules and further sessions! You can find the latest here.

Oasis Hackathon

For the innovators and developers at ETHDam, Oasis is co-hosting a hackathon with CryptoCanal and other sponsors.

Starting with a workshop titled “How to Build on a Confidential EVM”, hosted by Oasis’ Matevz Jekovec, the hackathon leads with a bounty program designed to foster creativity and technological advancement on Oasis Sapphire.

  • Participants are invited to build natively on Sapphire and submit their projects to compete for a share of the $10,000 prize pool.
  • Projects will be evaluated on their innovative use of Sapphire’s advanced features, including confidential EVM’s private storage, RNG, encryption, key generation and signing capabilities.

Stay tuned for more information.

ETHDam and Beyond

As ETHDam approaches, Oasis is excited to welcome you to a world of innovation, collaboration and privacy-focused technology, in the Grote Zaal, the Oasis booth and beyond! Showcasing Oasis’ commitment to democratic and community-driven voting, our new mascot will be chosen by the community through an on-chain voting process using our governance voting tool voTEE, with the vote running from 20-27 March. We are also super excited that our brand refresh will be unveiled at ETHDam.

This and all the recent announcements in the ecosystem are paving the way for a more decentralized, privacy-oriented and integrated Web3 world. We would like to thank our community for their direct contributions toward creating this incredibly dynamic and vibrant moment for the Oasis ecosystem.

Save the dates: April 12-14. Volgende halte, Amsterdam!