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Oasis at ETHBelgrade in Serbia

Join Oasis at ETHBelgrade for a series of privacy-related sessions and fun times in Belgrade!

Oasis is thrilled to announce that the first summer conference on our roster for 2024 takes us to the Balkans for ETHBelgrade 2024, taking place in the vibrant city of Belgrade, Serbia. From June 3-5, Oasis will be at the MTS Dvorana for an event focused on what Sapphire’s privacy-preserving technology brings to the Web3 space, and exciting partner collaborations.

As its third annual conference, ETHBelgrade will be packed with events and opportunities as part of the ongoing effort to make Belgrade a crypto hub in the Balkans. Events include hosting another hackathon focusing on building on Ethereum both in person and online, chances for start-ups to get connected with VCs and a plethora of speakers to pique the interest of over 1000 attendees.

On June 3 at 10:30am CET, we invite you to Stage 6 at MTS Dvorana. Don’t miss Matej Janez as he dives into “Oasis Sapphire: Privacy in Use,” a 30-minute session that promises to provide deep insights into the privacy features of Sapphire and its impact on privacy for dApps and more.

Throughout the event, you can find us at our booth, so look for the Oasis blue! Engage with our team, learn more about our initiatives, and explore the possibilities of Sapphire in advancing smart privacy and decentralized technologies beyond just Web3.

We are excited to connect with you in Belgrade. Next stop, Serbia!