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Oasis Announces Privacy4Web3 Hackathon Winners

Privacy4Web3 (P4W3), the inaugural Oasis Sapphire hackathon is complete.

After three months of building, the competition to build creative new projects in the Oasis ecosystem has ended, and the winners have been selected. Deciding which projects were the best at satisfying the standards for each category was not easy — everyone who competed has earned the congratulations and gratitude of the entire Oasis community and core contributing team.

Keep reading for a list of winners and what they’ve built.

What is the P4W3 Hackathon?

The first Privacy4Web3 hackathon was an open invitation for builders around the world to experiment and innovate with the Oasis Privacy Layer, and to build privacy-enabled applications and tooling for Web3. Oasis believes that better on-chain privacy makes Web3 possible, and the community’s goal is to empower and motivate developers to build better privacy frameworks and applications using Oasis technology.

In total, the event garnered more than 1,100 participants.

Who won the hackathon?

Winners for the hackathon were segmented into four (4) categories:

  1. Best applications on Oasis Sapphire
  2. Best applications that use the Oasis Privacy Layer
  3. Best use of Oasis Sapphire for scaling privacy
  4. Best ecosystem tutorials and standards

In the first category, the winners for best applications built on the Oasis Sapphire protocol were:

  • Secret Bids — An on-chain privacy-preserving auction platform that allows auctioneers to launch secret auctions to sell their tokens or collectibles. (Watch the demo here.)
  • Treasure Hunt — A fully onchain P2P treasure hunt where players can hide treasure and other players get a limited quantity of possible moves to find it using the native Oasis token. (Watch the demo here.)
  • Fair Fight — A decentralized P2P 2D shooter game with clear and simple mechanics where players can not only showcase their gameplay skills; they can also monetize their time. (Watch the demo here.)

In the second category, the winners for best applications that use the Oasis Privacy Layer were:

  • Secret Sponsor — A mechanism for anonymous gas-sponsoring, incorporating account abstraction and the Oasis Privacy Layer. (Watch the demo here.)
  • Sapphire Confidential — A transaction mixer for Ethereum that incorporates OPL for additional privacy. (Watch the demo here.)
  • Fibarium — A secure storage tool for onchain identities and personal information management. (Watch the demo here.)

In the third category, the best projects for scaling privacy with Sapphire were:

  • Wallet Abstraction and Encryption — A fully privacy preserving wallet abstraction implementation on Arbitrum that uses Sapphire as its privacy layer built on top of the tooling developed while building the privacy preserving ERC20 implementation. (Watch the demo here.)
  • CuriSapphire — A tool for medical history privacy that uses the Sapphire runtime and Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to prove medical statements to a healthcare provider. (Watch the demo here.)
  • Rose Derby — A Web3 horse betting game with incentivized participation that utilizes Sapphire RNG and selective privacy of participants. (Watch the demo here.)

In the fourth and final category, the best projects for community tutorial and development standards were:

  • RPC3 — A proof-of-concept for decentralized remote procedure calls that leverages IPFS and privacy-enabled blockchains like Oasis. (Watch the demo here.)
  • DSearch — A private, decentralized and distributed search engine built with Sapphire and the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). (Watch the demo here.)
  • Spacetar — A SocialFi forum dApp that allows users to earn reward tokens by actively participating and engaging in the community. (Watch the demo here.)

Learn more about the winners.

In the coming weeks, the Oasis community will dive deeper into each of the projects submitted by the hackathon winners. Each of these builders – and their ideas – will be explored in more detail in the community channels on Discord and Twitter as well as through long-form explanations shared here on the Oasis Network blog.

Oasis is pushing the limits on what is possible with privacy in crypto, and the community is excited to share more in-depth information about the winning projects from P4W3. Stay tuned for more information on these inspirational Oasis builders!