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Running Tests

Before proceeding, make sure to look at the prerequisites required for running an Oasis Core environment followed by build instructions for the respective environment (non-SGX or SGX). The following sections assume that you have successfully completed the required build steps.


After you’ve built everything, you can use the following commands to run tests.

To run all unit tests:

make test-unit

To run end-to-end tests locally:

make test-e2e

To run all tests:

make test

To execute tests using SGX set the following environmental variable before running the tests:

export OASIS_TEE_HARDWARE=intel-sgx


Check the console output for mentions of a path of the form /tmp/oasis-test-runnerXXXXXXXXX (where each X is a digit). That’s the log directory. Start with coarsest-level debug output in console.log files:

cat $(find /tmp/oasis-test-runnerXXXXXXXXX -name console.log) | less

For even more output, check the other *.log files.

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