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This example assumes you have read and followed the instructions in the Prerequisites and Setup sections of the Use Your Tokens docs.

Listing Active Proposals

In order to list all active governance proposals, you can use the following command:

oasis-node governance list_proposals -a $ADDR

In case there are currently any active proposals this should return a list of them similar to the following:


View Votes for a Proposal

To view votes for a given proposal, you can use the following command:

oasis-node governance proposal_votes -a $ADDR <PROPOSAL-ID>

replacing <PROPOSAL-ID> with the id of the proposal you want see.

It should return a list of cast votes for the chosen proposal similar to the following:

"voter": "oasis1qq2vzcvxn0js5unsch5me2xz4kr43vcasv0d5eq4",
"vote": "yes"
"voter": "oasis1qqv25adrld8jjquzxzg769689lgf9jxvwgjs8tha",
"vote": "yes"
"voter": "oasis1qz2tg4hsatlxfaf8yut9gxgv8990ujaz4sldgmzx",
"vote": "yes"
"voter": "oasis1qz424yg28jqmgfq3xvly6ky64jqnmlylfc27d7cp",
"vote": "no"
"voter": "oasis1qr37y56g92chzvsew54kj7gu47cxyly7jytt5rm0",
"vote": "yes"

Voting for a Proposal


At this time only entities which have active validator nodes scheduled in the validator set are eligible to vote for governance proposals.

If you want to vote for an active proposal, you can use the following command to generate a suitable transaction:

oasis-node governance gen_cast_vote \
"${TX_FLAGS[@]}" \ 1 \
--vote yes \
--transaction.file tx_cast_vote.json \
--transaction.nonce 1 \
--transaction.fee.gas 2000 \
--transaction.fee.amount 2000

This will output a preview of the generated transaction:

You are about to sign the following transaction:
Method: governance.CastVote
Proposal ID: 1
Vote: yes
Nonce: 1
Amount: 0.000002 ROSE
Gas limit: 2000
(gas price: 0.000000001 ROSE per gas unit)
Other info:
Genesis document's hash: 9ce956ef5999024e148f0c21f1e8a05ab4fc98a44c4696b289770705aeb1dd77

and ask you for confirmation.

Submit the Transaction

To submit the generated transaction, we need to copy tx_cast_vote.json to the online Oasis node (i.e. the server) and submit it from there:

oasis-node consensus submit_tx \
-a $ADDR \
--transaction.file tx_cast_vote.json
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