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Introducing the Oasis Sentinels Ambassador Program

Community is one of the most important aspects of shaping the future of Web3. Active, mission-oriented communities are the driving  force behind adoption, innovation, and the overall success of a project like the Oasis Network. 

As part of the continued growth and development of the Oasis community, the Oasis Foundation is thrilled to unveil the Oasis Sentinels Ambassador Program, a revolutionary initiative that brings together individuals from diverse experiences to champion a privacy future for Web3 with the Oasis Network. 

The Power of Community in Web3

Communities are the backbone of any successful blockchain project. They provide the necessary support, feedback, and engagement required for the network’s growth and evolution. Without an active and thriving community, even the most innovative blockchain technologies could fail to gain traction or realize their full potential.

More specifically, every community in Web3 – including the Oasis ambassador community – typically serves several key functions: 

  • Education and Awareness: Communities play a crucial role in educating newcomers about the project’s core features, use cases, and long-term benefits. They raise awareness about the technology, fostering understanding and appreciation among a wider audience.
  • Promotion and Adoption: Ambassadors within the community serve as the driving force behind the project’s promotion and adoption. They leverage their expertise to showcase the unique value proposition of the network and encourage others to join the ecosystem.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Communities provide invaluable feedback to developers, helping them identify and address potential issues. They contribute to the continuous improvement of the project, ensuring its resilience and scalability.
  • Collaboration and Innovation: Within a thriving community, individuals collaborate, exchange ideas, and create innovative solutions that enrich the ecosystem. This collaborative effort fuels progress and unlocks new possibilities.

Oasis is proud to have a thriving community in every timezone on every continent united to promote better privacy for every user and builder in Web3. 

Ambassadors Are the Heart of Oasis

Oasis recognizes the immense value and privilege of having an exceptional community of creators, builders and ambassadors who are the heartbeat of the network. These passionate and skilled individuals embody Oasis values, the Oasis privacy-focused mission, and drive adoption of Oasis technology. 

With today’s launch of the Sentinels Ambassador Program, Oasis aims to continue strengthening and expanding this vibrant community. Oasis is seeking talented individuals from all corners of the globe to join this journey to propel the vision of privacy-preserving technology to the fore of the blockchain landscape.

The Sentinels program has multiple layers and guilds designed to support individuals in their unique competencies as ambassadors. Each guild focuses on specific areas, allowing ambassadors to contribute their unique skills and talents.

  • Scribe Collective (Writer’s Guild): Crafting original articles about Oasis and translating existing blog articles.
  • Visionary Artists (Content Creators Guild): Creating engaging content for platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, and social media, including infographics and banners.
  • Global Navigators (Regional Communities Guild): Building and nurturing regional communities and hosting local meetups.
  • Social Sparks (Engagement Guild): Fostering engagement and excitement within our existing channels and ecosystem projects.
  • Blockchain Builders (Developer Guild): Contributing to Oasis Network’s open-source repositories, participating in hackathons, creating documentation, smart contract templates, and building and testing decentralized applications on the network.
  • Ecosystem Architects (Business Development Guild): The Business Development Guild is a platform for ambassadors who have a knack for forging connections, building bridges, and exploring opportunities for collaboration with projects that share common interests and values.

Oasis Sentinels Are United Global Navigators

The Sentinels Ambassador Program serves as a gateway to those who share the Oasis vision for a decentralized and privacy focused future. This program is dedicated to fostering a diverse, supportive, and knowledgeable community of ambassadors who will champion the Oasis Network worldwide.

To join the program, applicants must demonstrate their expertise and passion for blockchain technology, privacy preservation, and community building. Selected ambassadors will undergo rigorous training, equipping them with the necessary skills to promote and educate others about the Oasis Network and Sapphire Paratime.

As an Oasis Sentinel, ambassadors will also have access to various bounties that allow members to showcase their skills and creativity. Throughout the program, select ambassadors will be invited to participate in focus groups, where they will engage with the community in unique and impactful ways. 

Become a Sentinel with Oasis 

Launching the Oasis Sentinels Ambassador Program marks a pivotal moment in the Oasis community! 

The Oasis Foundation believes in the power of communities to drive innovation and change. Oasis ambassadors serve as the vanguard by leading the charge towards a more private, secure, and decentralized world.

The entire team at Oasis invites all blockchain enthusiasts, developers, content creators, and community builders to embark on this extraordinary adventure together. The Oasis community can shape the future of privacy in Web3 and set new standards for community-driven initiatives. Become a part of Oasis Sentinels and embrace the future of web3 – a future that thrives on privacy and inclusivity.

Complete the application form on the Sentinels homepage to join the movement. Information to prepare for a brief interview, skill evaluation, and ambassador onboarding will follow shortly from the team.