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Introducing Oasis Garden, a Community Resource Portal

Oasis is nothing without its community! For this reason, the global Oasis community is excited to celebrate the completion of their collaborative efforts in building a new virtual home for Oasis users, creators, developers and more.

Called Oasis Garden, this portal is a resource-rich destination for anyone interested in learning about or contributing to Oasis built by the community, for the community.

Keep reading for a deep dive into Oasis Garden!

Why did we build this?

The Oasis community created the Oasis Garden for one simple reason: to achieve extreme ease in onboarding new Web3 users to Oasis. It’s not enough to build the best privacy technologies for Web3 – elevating the community experience for a global network of users and advocates is also essential.

Besides, the average experience of learning, using and exploring Web3 can be very unpleasant. Oasis Garden aims to eliminate any potential friction for the Oasis community.

Thanks to a several months long development process, this portal is loaded with tools and resources for educating new Oasis users on the future of Web3 privacy across social and community channels, technical resources, and more. In short, Oasis Garden streamlines the process of joining the future of Web3.

What is Oasis Garden?

Before starting to use Oasis Garden, read this section to understand some key features.

Oasis Garden is easy to explore and navigate between features. A new user will open the site to find a home page filled with various widgets and a left-side navigation bar with all key features and useful resources.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

At the top of the list is the Oasis knowledge base. This comprehensive archive of FAQs and documentation offers everything an inquisitive Web3 user wants to learn more about Oasis. Next on the list is a catalog of Oasis ecosystem dApps. Search and browse all of the dApps running on Oasis in this tab. Separate tabs for jobs and upcoming events are included to provide awareness of all opportunities for involvement in the Oasis ecosystem. Oasis enthusiasts can also join the ambassador program through the Oasis Garden portal. All regional communities and translations of Oasis content are included too.

And that’s just the start! More features are under development right now, coming soon.

Oasis Garden dApp Directory

Where is the Garden?

Get started with Oasis Garden by going to and explore!

Every user is encouraged to share comments and feedback on Oasis Garden as they use it. Send your thoughts to the Oasis Discord or on the Oasis Forum.

The Oasis global community is composed of thousands of enthusiastic creators and builders who share a passion for a more private Web3. Oasis Garden will play a central role in elevating the experience of being a member of that community and more easily onboard new advocates for years to come. Chat more with the Oasis team by joining us on Discord or on the Oasis Forum

Join us!