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Categories: General, Technical

The Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) is a cross-chain EVM-compatible privacy solution,that allows Solidity developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) with privacy and confidentiality features, or even more, they can add its privacy features to existing dApps. OPL is not a new paratime or a new chain, but it is actually a layer 2 solution, powered by Sapphire. In order to build and deploy, all that developers need is Solidity and knowledge of hardhat, but they can also use Vyper, OPL being compatible with Metamask. OPL also offers RNG and end-to-end encryption, its main focus being on the fact that there isn’t any change to the user experience. In regards to gas, it’s done by a gas-relayer. So the users have the ability of using any coin/token, and the gas-relayer pays in the native token that runs the privacy layer, so no need for anyone to do any swapping. The main decision on the level of privacy that the contract will have, is entirely up to the user.