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Category: Technical

In some cases, the underlying data of a confidential NFT may need to be made public temporarily for the purpose of marketing the NFT or the project associated with it. However, once the NFT is sold, the new owner can choose to keep the underlying data private. There are several reasons why someone might want to buy a confidential NFT even if the underlying data is made public temporarily. One reason is that the underlying data may have limited access or viewable only to certain people or parties, and not to the general public. Additionally, the value of the NFT may be tied to the uniqueness of the digital asset or the rarity of it and not necessarily to the data it holds. Another possible use case is to protect sensitive information or data like trade secrets, confidential business transactions, personal identification etc. where the owner of the NFT can be sure that it’s not accessible to unauthorized parties.

In and all while the underlying data of a confidential NFT may be made public temporarily for marketing or other purposes, the main value of the NFT is the ability for the owner to keep the data private once it’s purchased, adding an extra layer of security and privacy for the owner.