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Category: General

The Oasis Privacy Layer a.k.a OPL has a wide applicability, given the fact that not only new dApps can benefit from it, but it can also be added to existing ones, boosting and improving the privacy, along with the user experience. In terms of use cases, we could mention the following:

  1. DeFi applications that will enable secure transactions.
  2. Healthcare Data, offering patients the opportunity of sharing their sensitive health information, without compromising their privacy, or security. This use case will better be highlighted when it comes to medical research.
  3. Supply Chain Management, that requires an accurate and secure tracking of the assets.
  4. DAO Voting systems, as having a strong identity system, with fraud prevention is critical for fairer governance, preventing users from creating multiple identities and influencing the voting results, based on personal preferences, or for example based on a popular opinion. Here comes another real life use case, as having both anonymity and transparency could also influence the results of the voting, the outcome being a biased one. The main purpose is to have the votes being submitted in secret, and to only have the results being revealed.
  5. Identity Management, where we can also mention the partnership with Equifax, meant to bring KYC solution

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