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Oasis Foundation Approves Rehide Grant for Secure Web3 Data Management

The Oasis Foundation is thrilled to announce that Rehide, a non-custodial, web3 password manager offering zero-knowledge encryption, has been approved as a grant recipient to expand its decentralized and non-custodial password management services. In late January, the Oasis Foundation completed a $20,000 grant for Rehide, and the team is already beginning work on their objectives. With this collaboration comes access for all of Web3 to Rehide’s revolutionary password manager integrated with Oasis Sapphire for encrypted notes and password storage. 

Rehide’s platform, known for its innovative approach to password management, allows users to encrypt their data with their Web3 wallet, storing it securely on-chain through smart contracts and IPFS, and creating NFTs for data access. The platform enables users to encrypt confidential notes using advanced client-side encryption, saving them as NFTs for access from anywhere. 

“We are proud to be recipients of support from the Oasis team as we work to add their strong confidentiality technology into our password and key management system,” said Daniel Montoya, the Founder of Rehide. “Bullet-proof protection for user data in Web3 is an absolute necessity, and Sapphire offers exactly what we need to provide this privacy to our users.” 

Rehide will leverage Oasis Network’s Sapphire runtime to deploy “Rehide Confidential Note” smart contracts. The integration aims to store encrypted notes and passwords more efficiently by optimizing transaction costs, and it will introduce enhanced access control features, stringent enforcement of note expiration and maximum reads. Anonymity features within the smart contracts will also contribute to improved user privacy. 

“Rehide helps bring out Oasis’ commitment to advancing privacy and security within the Web3 ecosystem to life,” said Matej Janež, Business Development Lead at the Oasis Foundation. “By integrating Rehide’s zero-knowledge technology with our Sapphire platform, we are not only enhancing our network capabilities but also creating a new standard in decentralized password management.”

Rehide also plans to launch “Rehide Mint Pass” smart contracts on Oasis Sapphire, alongside annual subscription NFTs minted through the Rehide app. All initial transactions will utilize the Oasis Network’s native ROSE token for gas. Rehide and Oasis Network will collaboratively work toward developing a “Confidential NFT Standard,” which will serve as a common good for the whole ecosystem and be usable by any builders that need a confidential NFT standard for their application. 

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