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Oasis Announces Polychain Monsters Grant for Confidential Gaming

Oasis Foundation is proud to announce the approval of grant funding for Polychain Monsters to integrate Oasis privacy technology into their gaming and collectibles ecosystem. Marking one of the first grants approved by the Oasis Grants Program in 2024, Polychain Monsters will use support from Oasis to develop documentation and tooling for building confidentiality Web3 games. 

Inside the Polychain Monsters ecosystem, users can play, collect and earn all sorts of prizes and collectibles. The entire gaming experience is cross-chain by default with integration across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Solana. Having a shared vision for a seamlessly integrated cross-chain industry makes the work planned by Polychain Monsters with Oasis technology a strong step forward for Web3 gaming. 

“Working with the grants team at Oasis made it clear that we share the same vision for advanced privacy across all aspects of Web3, and we’re excited to receive their support for our integration of their confidentiality technology,” said Sebastian Gronewold, Chief Business Officer at Polychain Monsters. “Oasis makes protecting personal data in Web3 gaming simple and easy.” 

Oasis is committed to support Web3 builders like Polychain Monsters who champion the cause of integrating smart privacy solutions into their ecosystems. The Oasis Grants Program officially approved the grant on January 8, 2024. Oasis committed $30,000 to supporting Polychain Monsters as they integrate Oasis confidentiality. In addition to adding Sapphire compatibility for their own gaming, Polychain Monsters will document how they achieved compatibility to make future development easier for other engineers building on Sapphire. As part of this collaboration, Polychain Monsters also plans to integrate the embedded wallet provider Privy, which has become popular through dApps like FriendTech.

“Every part of the Web3 landscape needs better privacy, from in-game collectibles to sophisticated DeFi dApps,” said William Wendt, Business Development Manager at the Oasis Foundation. “We are excited to collaborate with Polychain Monsters to bring our industry-leading confidentiality to their community and other gaming ecosystems throughout crypto.” 

Visit the Oasis’s grant page for more information on the future of privacy.

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