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Oasis Core Ledger uses Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 with the following format:



  • MAJOR represents the major version starting with zero (e.g. 0123, …),
  • MINOR represents the minor version starting with zero (e.g. 0123, …),
  • PATCH represents the final number in the version (sometimes referred to as the “micro” segment) (e.g. 0123, …).
  • MODIFIER represents (optional) build metadata, e.g. git8c01382.

When a backwards incompatible release is made, the MAJOR version should be bumped.

When a regularly scheduled release is made, the MINOR version should be bumped.

If there are fixes and (backwards compatible) changes that we want to back-port from an upcoming release, then the PATCH version should be bumped.

The MODIFIER should be used to denote a build from an untagged (and potentially unclean) git source. It should be of the form:



  • COMMIT_SHA represents the current commit’s abbreviated SHA.

The +dirty part is optional and is only present if there are uncommitted changes in the working directory.

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