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Stake Requirements

This page provides an overview of the stake requirements to become a validator on the consensus layer of the Oasis Network.


To become a validator on the Oasis Network, you will need to have enough tokens staked in your escrow account.

Currently, you are going to need:

  • 100 ROSE staked for your entity’s registration since that is the staking thresholds.
  • 100 ROSE staked for your validator node’s registration since that is the staking thresholds.
  • If you want to be part of the active validator set, you will need enough ROSE staked — this means you will have to be one of the top 120 entities by stake. You can check out current top 120 entities on the blockchain explorer such as Oasis Scan.

For more information about obtaining information on your entity’s account, see the Account Get Info doc.

Staking thresholds may change in the future. Read Common staking info chapter, to learn how to check the current network thresholds directly from the oasis-node.


To determine if you are eligible to receive a delegation from the Oasis Protocol Foundation, see the Delegation Policy document.


The size of the consensus committee (i.e. the validator set) is configured by the max_validators consensus parameter.


For the Testnet you are going to need TEST tokens. You can receive a limited number of TEST by using our Oasis Network Testnet Faucet. For more tokens please contact us at our official Discord #testnet channel.

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