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Obtaining Account Address


Before following the instructions below, make sure your Ledger wallet is unlocked and the Oasis App is open.


While the Oasis App is available in Developer mode, opening the App brings up the “Pending Ledger review” screen. You need to press both buttons at once to close that screen and transition to the ordinary “Oasis Ready” screen where the Oasis App is ready to be used.

Each account on your Ledger wallet has a corresponding staking account address.

To obtain a staking account address that corresponds to the account with index 0 on your Ledger wallet, use:

oasis-core-ledger show_address

This will display your wallet’s address and show it on your Ledger’s screen for confirmation.

To skip showing your wallet’s address on your Ledger’s screen, pass the --skip-device flag in the command above.


In case you will have more than one Ledger wallet connected, you’ll need to specify which wallet to use by passing the --wallet_id <LEDGER-WALLET-ID> flag to the command above, replacing <LEDGER-WALLET-ID> with the ID of your Ledger wallet. See Identifying Wallets for more details.


You can obtain as many staking account addresses as needed for the same Ledger wallet by passing the --index flag and specifying a different account index in the command above.

Account index specifies the address_index part of the BIP32 path conforming to the BIP44 specification.

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