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Archive Node


Archive node support is currently only available in the 21.3.14 release for use with the Cobalt (pre Damask upgrade) archived state.

This guide will cover setting up an archive node for the Oasis Network. Node started in archive mode only serves existing consensus and runtime states. The node has all unneeded consensus and P2P functionality disabled, therefore it will not participate in the network. Archive nodes can be used to access historic state which is pruned in dump-restore network upgrades.


Archive node requires a pre-existing oasis-node state.


Archive mode can be enabled by using the consensus.tendermint.mode setting.


This will configure the given node to act as a consensus archive node.

# other settings omitted ...
mode: archive


Keep other settings unchanged from the full-node. For example in order to serve archived runtime state, the node needs to have the runtime configured and have the state present.

Starting the Oasis Node

You can start the node by running the following command:

oasis-node --config /node/etc/config.yml

Archive node status

To ensure the node is running in archive mode, run the following command:

oasis-node control status -a unix:/node/data/internal.sock

Output should report archive consensus mode status:

// other fields omitted ...
"consensus": {
"mode": "archive",
// ...

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