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illumineX to Launch Liquidity Provider Incentive Program Supported by OPF Grant

The launch of the Liquidity Provider Incentive Program will support cross-chain dApps in the upcoming future.

illumineX, in collaboration with the Oasis Protocol Foundation (OPF), is excited to announce the launch of a Liquidity Provider Incentive Program aimed at improving liquidity across specific pools. This initiative, made possible by a grant of 400k ROSE from OPF, will benefit the ecosystem as more native and cross-chain dApps launch in the coming months.

The program will reward liquidity providers in the following designated pools, set to release live on Friday, May 17 at 4pm UTC. The pools will initially include:

  • bscBNB/ROSE
  • ethUSDC/ROSE

Running for a duration of four months, this program seeks to expand liquidity to vital  native and cross-chain pools, facilitating seamless asset transfers and transactions across different chains. By incentivizing liquidity provision in these pools, it aims to strengthen the ecosystem as it anticipates the launch of native and cross-chain dApps in the near future.

Liza, CEO of illumineX, stated: “The launch of the Liquidity Provider Incentive Program is the next step in our mission to enhance liquidity and foster a robust ecosystem for DeFi transactions. With the support of OPF, we are looking to grow liquidity providers and strengthen the growth of cross-chain pools.”

To be launched at 4pm UTC on Friday, May 17, its impact is poised to resonate across the ecosystem, creating new opportunities for liquidity providers and strengthening the foundation for DeFi on Oasis and beyond.

“Oasis is committed to supporting initiatives that drive innovation and liquidity in the Web3 space,” Will Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis, said. “We believe that this Liquidity Provider Incentive Program will play a huge role in expanding liquidity for native and cross-chain dApps.”