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illumineX Mainnet Goes Live on Oasis Sapphire

Oasis Network is excited to announce that illumineX, the first confidential EVM DEX in Web3, has launched its mainnet trading platform. Utilizing smart privacy and security protocols of Oasis Sapphire, illumineX offers a different side of the DeFi experience with its confidential and MEV-resistant token swaps that mark a historic step forward in the utility and security of private DEX platforms. 

In the initial stage of its launch – called the Early Liquidity Provision – illumineX has been operating mainnet liquidity pools from January 26 to date, which allows users to bridge as much liquidity as possible onto Sapphire. This stage of deployment has helped to establish groundwork for completing the full mainnet launch that will support a thriving user base for illumineX. At the time of this announcement, illumimeX liquidity passed $1.1 million. 

After completing a thorough audit and other important security preparations, illumineX has moved forward with the upcoming phases of the mainnet launch. From February 3 – 4, Phase 2 of its launch begins with opening swap functionalities. Phase 3 – the full mainnet launch – will follow. The final event of its launch is an illumineX token generation event and airdrop

“Our work with the Oasis Network allows for private, cross-chain liquidity swaps onto Sapphire alongside EVM compatibility,” said Liza, CEO of illumineX. “At a time where transparency and fairness in financial transactions becomes increasingly important, our mainnet launch will help protect Oasis and illumineX users against predatory practices and ensure seamless interoperability in the Web3 space.”

The success of the illumineX mainnet launch allows users to bridge funds to Oasis from any EVM networks and will collectively improve user privacy and security for Web3 natives on the Oasis Network and beyond to other crypto ecosystems. The Oasis Foundation is proud to have supported illumineX development with a grant that was approved in September 2023

“At Oasis Network, we continue our dedication to building a secure, private DeFi space,” said Will Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Manager of Oasis. “We are excited to see how illumineX’s mainnet launch will help integrate state-of-the-art privacy features and MEV resistance, setting new standards for security and confidentiality in financial transactions.”

Oasis invites all builders in Web3 to explore liquidity provision on illumineX, bridging to Sapphire, and testing the confidentiality features of illumineX here