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Crust Network Secures Oasis Grant for Web3 Data Storage Privacy

Oasis is thrilled to support Crust Network in its efforts to build decentralized cloud storage infrastructure for Web3 with a grant approved by the Oasis Bloom Program, marking the first ecosystem funding approved by Oasis in 2023. 

What is Crust Network? 

Crust Network has established itself as a decentralized cloud storage provider and shares the core values of the Oasis Network, namely robust decentralization and smart privacy. The Crust stack focuses on three main functions: metadata storage from metaverse collectibles, personal on-chain file storage, and hosting for Web3 dApps and websites. Crust also offers instantly accessible on-chain storage functions across multiple storage-layer protocols, like IPFS. 

Explore the Crust Network in more detail on their website or their official Discord community

How Crust is Building on Oasis

At the heart of the Oasis grant for Crust is utilizing the innovative privacy features of the Sapphire runtime. By building in Sapphire’s EVM-competitive environment, Crust is able to elevate the sophistication and simplicity of their mission to build industry-leading confidential on-chain data management.

“We’re excited to receive support from the Oasis ecosystem as we build better, safer data storage infrastructure for Web3,” said Leo Wang, founder of Crust Network. “Protocols like Sapphire are integral to realizing smart privacy throughout crypto. Oasis and Crust share a vision for bringing better protection to on-chain data management to every user.”

With Sapphire, the Crust Network can support customizable visibility into on-chain data storage for all network transactions while ensuring developers and users keep sensitive details visible only to whomever needs to access this information. For example, all of Web3 could see the date and time a transaction was executed, while only the recipient can see the amount and asset type that was transferred.

Why Oasis Supports Crust 

The Oasis grants team chose to support the Crust Network because of its commitment to being a leader in building privacy-focused infrastructure for a safer Web3 economy.  Initiated on July 25, the $10,000 grant – coupled with support from the Oasis team and community – enables Crust to continue executing their plans for safe on-chain data management while integrating the Sapphire runtime.

“The main objective of the Oasis Grants Program is supporting visionary initiatives to define the future of Web3 privacy,” said Ade Molajo, Grants Program Manager at Oasis. “The impressive skill and success exhibited by the Crust team has filled us with confidence as we embark on a partnership to develop intelligent privacy solutions that ensure steadfast data stewardship throughout Web3. Sapphire stands as a pivotal cornerstone in our collective pursuit of this ambitious objective.” 

Crust will redefine safety standards and privacy expectations for data management from individual user data to robust Web3 applications hosting their operations on Crust. Oasis is proud to support the Crust team in realizing their goals of boosting the security and scalability of hosting services and privacy solutions for Web3 dApps through a decentralized secret key store.

Building a Better Web3 Together

Beyond the Crust Network, Oasis is actively working to support other Web3 builders who support the goal of elevating smart privacy solutions for all Web3 applications. Any builders – from novices to veterans – are invited to join the next generation of privacy advocates by applying for a grant from Oasis. 

Oasis is also hosting the Privacy4Web3 hackathon right now, with cash prizes and dedicated grants for contributors who reshape how the crypto ecosystem thinks about and integrates privacy tools like the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). Read more and join the hackathon here