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Crust Files Integrates Oasis Encryption for Safer Key Management

Securing personal data onchain is a core tenet of the Oasis Network mission. The Oasis community, moreover, is always eager to support projects that share its goals, which is why we are excited to jointly announce the integration of Oasis encryption and privacy technology into Crust Files for better personal data storage in Web3. 

What is Crust Files? 

Launched in January 2022, the Crust Files project is building a Web3-native storage application system for personal files. Safe storage of personal information is designed to be easy on IPFS via Crust Files. Decentralized storage, secure uploading, easy sharing, and more are available to crypto natives looking to store their Web3 data safely in Web3. 

In August 2023, Crust Network received a grant approved by the Oasis Bloom Program for building decentralized cloud storage infrastructure for Web3. Notably, this financial support marked the first ecosystem funding approved by the Oasis grants program in 2023. At the heart of the Oasis grant for Crust is utilizing the innovative privacy features of the Sapphire runtime.

Read more about the Crust grant here.

How is Crust Files using Oasis? 

A key component of the Crust Files application is Sapphire, the only production-ready confidential EVM in Web3. With Sapphire, Crust Network can support customizable visibility into on-chain data storage for all network transactions while ensuring developers and users keep sensitive details visible only to whomever needs to access this information. 

Integrating Sapphire is essential to using Crust Files in a couple key ways. 

First, anyone with a Web3 wallet connected to Oasis can now log into Crust Files. With the security and confidentiality of the Oasis Sapphire runtime, anyone can experience the simplicity and security of decentralized data storage at no cost. 

Second, a new feature inside Crust Files offers secure key storage and management using the end-to-end encryption and data secrecy provided by the Oasis Network. Users can securely store keys in Crust Files with the robust, seamless data security familiar to every application that integrates Oasis technology. 

Where can you start using Crust Files? 

When a user visits the Crust Files landing page, they are prompted to click “Try For Free” and then to connect an Oasis Network wallet, or any other EVM wallet. Clicking on the Oasis icon will prompt the MetaMask wallet to open, which allows users to directly enter the Oasis Network without any additional steps. After connecting a wallet, users can select to upload whatever data they wish to store in Crust Files.

Crust Files

For a step-by-step guide to use Crust Files, visit the Crust website here

Anyone can access Crust Files data storage – not just Oasis Network natives. Curst Files extends the security and privacy of the Oasis Network to any EVM address. 

What’s next for Crust Files? 

Crust is positioned to redefine safety standards and privacy expectations for data management in Web3. Both teams at Oasis and Crust share a common goal of empowering individual users to securely control and manage their onchain data. The Oasis Foundation team is proud to support Crust with the launch of Crust Files using Sapphire and their continued growth and integration of Oasis technology.