Discord Weekly Leaderboard

Are you logged into Discord 24/7? Love to help others? Like to engage and have deep conversations about crypto and privacy? Then this weekly contest is definitely for you!


The contest starts NOW! Go and check out the rules, and participate!




*The more active you are the more XP you get!

*Mods can give outstanding community members extra XP. The following activities are considered as worthy of extra xp.
– Posting a funny meme about Oasis on #memes

– Being extra helpful towards other community members

– Providing good insights about the web3 industry, Oasis or privacy related topics

– Any other activities that the Oasis team sees fit which might be helpful to the network

*Mods will deduct XP from people who are trying to cheat the system ex. Writing messages on multiple rows on purpose.

*Spamming / copy pasting the same message on multiple channels to accrue XP

These are just examples. The Oasis team reserves the right to evaluate the removal of XP on a case by case basis. 


Top 10 members from the leaderboard will be rewarded on a weekly basis 25 USD each. The leaderboard resets every Sunday 23.59 UTC.

The first week will be a little bit extended 12/7- 12/18/2022.

Check your XP – Leaderboard: https://arcane.bot/lb/oasisprotocol


We have two leaderboards currently, one is the all time leaderboard, and the other one is the weekly leaderboard. 

The Oasis team reserves the right to edit the rules at any point.