The Oasis Community Cup: Week 9

Timing: From October 23rd 10:00am (PST) to October 27th 11:00 am (PST).

Main Challenge:

Hey Oasis Community members! We’re switching it up this week — instead of an all out battle royale, we want to get to know you better.

We’re confident that our members are the best and brightest out there. We want to get your thoughts on how data tokenization on the Oasis Network can improve the digital lives of people around the world.

Question of the Week: What field(s) are you most excited to see the Oasis technology in?

Please share a tweet using the hashtag #OasisNetwork using the following template:

I’m excited to see data tokenization deployed in the field of _____. #OasisNetwork

You can fill in the blank _____ in the template with any of the options listed below, or you can come up with your own suggestion.

  • Open Finance & DeFi
  • Health & Safety
  • Genomics
  • Location Services
  • Mobile & AI Apps
  • Other: __________

If you need some more context on what data tokenization is all about, check out this blog post.


  • 10 rewards of 1000 tokens each (submissions will be selected at random to win)

How to Participate:

Enroll and submit via Gleam.

*Each individual user can only earn up to a maximum of 10,000 tokens cumulatively across all Community Cup challenges. Rewards will be capped at 10,000 tokens.


Curious about previous challenges and past winners? Check them out here.

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