The Oasis Community Cup: Fun Week

Timing: From November 12th 9:00am (PST) to November 18th 8:59 am (PST). Each “Daily Question” will run for 24 hours.

Community Translations: French

Main Challenge:

The Community will respond via Twitter to questions, quizzes, etc to win Rose tokens. Answer each day to increase your chance to win. Don’t miss out on the bonus challenge!

Thursday, November 12th

Fill in the Blank:

As we get closer to the #OasisNetwork #Mainnet launch, I’m most excited about the network’s ________ features.

  • #Privacy
  • #Security
  • #Scalability
  • #Decentralization
  • #Versatility
  • #ROSEtoken

Friday, November 13th

Fill in the Blank:

I’m looking forward to the #OasisNetwork #Mainnet launch thanks to the network’s _______.

  • high transaction throughput.
  • fast block times
  • fully integrated confidentiality support.
  • high number of parallel executions.
  • compatibility with mainstream coding languages.

Saturday, November 14th

Tweet out the following factoid by filling in the blank with one of the options listed on #Gleam.

The #OasisNetwork #Mainnet launch will showcase the network’s key advantages, including _______.

  • much higher transaction throughout (up to 1000 tps) compared to #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.
  • much faster block times (1.5–6 seconds) compared to #Bitcoin and #Ethereum
  • fully integrated confidentiality support, which is missing from other blockchains like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.
  • much higher number of parallel executions (up to 1000) compared to #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.
  • compatibility with mainstream coding languages like #Rust and #Python (via the Parcel SDK), which are not supported by other blockchains like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.

Sunday, November 15th

Tweet out the following blurb by filling in the blank with one of the options listed on #Gleam.

I’m eagerly anticipating the new _______ on the #OasisNetwork.

  • @NebulaGenomics app
  • @Ledger wallet
  • @Binance CryptoSafe Alliance platform
  • @BANKEX digital asset platform
  • @KeylessTech authentication and identity management

Monday, November 16th

Tweet out the following blurb by filling in the blank with one of the options listed on #Gleam.

I can’t wait for the #OasisNetwork #Mainnet launch to enable new #dapps and #apps built using _______________.

Tuesday, November 17th

Tweet out the following news:

The #OasisNetwork Mainnet is launching tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18th at 4pm UTC!!! ???

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Bonus Challenge:

As we get closer to Mainnet, we want to see your Mainnet Launch specific GIFS, memes, stickers and infographics! There is no limit to entries and the top 10 entries may be selected. Winners will receive 1000 Rose tokens!


  • 5 winners will be selected at random to win 1000 tokens EACH day!

How to Participate:

Enroll and submit via Gleam.

*Each individual user can only earn up to a maximum of 10,000 tokens cumulatively across all Community Cup challenges. Rewards will be capped at 10,000 tokens.

Main Challenge Winners:

Curious about previous challenges and past winners? Check them out here.

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