The Amber Network is Live ?

The Amber Network, a release candidate for Oasis Mainnet, launched today and even if you’re not running a node there are plenty of ways to get involved.

With the launch of the Amber Network, a release candidate for the Oasis Network Mainnet today, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the importance of this moment for the entire Oasis community. This marks a huge milestone for the Oasis Network and the growing community of validatorsdevelopersgranteesambassadors and other supporters who’ve played such a huge role in getting the Network to where it is today.

A few key stats about the Oasis Network and the growing community of validators as we move into this next phase of the Network:

The Amber Network: An Overview

As the release candidate for Mainnet, the Oasis Amber Network includes many of the features outlined in the Oasis Network Whitepaper and in the architectural overview noted in documentation.

A few key features include:

  • Fully decentralized consensus layer
  • Staking and delegation
  • Multiple ParaTimes (parallel runtimes) running compute on the network
  • Commission rate tool for validators
  • Ledger wallet integration (coming soon)

To learn more specifics about the Amber Network, incentives for the Network and more, please check out our documentation here.

Follow Along

Use any of the community-built block explorers to follow the Amber Network block by block:

How to get involved

If you weren’t able to participate in the Oasis Quest, the network’s incentivized testnet (and earn tokens for AMBER there), there are still many ways to get involved in the Amber Network — and the Oasis Network more broadly.

  1. Community Node Program: If you DID NOT win Tokens in the Quest but are still interested in participating, fill out this form and we’ll review for our Community Node Program. More on this to come next week.
  2. Wallet Testers: In addition to running nodes we’re also looking for a few wallet testers. As a wallet tester we’ll give you some early documentation and some test AMBER tokens and ask you to mess around with it. In exchange (assuming eligibility) you’ll get a small token sum at Mainnet launch. To become a wallet tester, Sign up here.
  3. Ambassadors: We’re always looking for more Ambassadors to join us and spread the word about Oasis across their communities. See who you’d be working with and apply here.

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