Sapphire Graphics Contest

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good Meme, Sticker or Infographic ?

We know for sure our community loves them!

And we also know we have an amazing community who’s bursting with creativity and passion. 

We’ve recently launched the first and only confidential EVM, Sapphire, on Testnet. To celebrate this, we’re hosting a content competition split up into three categories: 

-Memes & GIFs


-Telegram Stickers

So, get creative and have the chance to win one of our prizes, plus, the sticker pack that wins 1st place will become the official sticker pack of our Telegram Channel!

We’re looking for witty and out of the ordinary content 🙂

The focus for this competition is on Sapphire, the first and only confidential EVM, confidentiality, privacy.

You are also encouraged to incorporate other themes such as confidential NFT, decentralized society or web3 in general.

Competition starts on September 5th, 2022 and ends on October 1st, 2022

Our team will review the submissions and winners will be announced in October depending on the number of submissions and all winners’ content will be showcased on the Community Garden website.



1st Place: 2000 $ROSE

2nd Place: 1000 $ROSE

3rd Place: 500 $ROSE


1st Place: 2000 $ROSE

2nd Place: 1000 $ROSE

3rd Place: 500 $ROSE

Telegram Sticker Packs

1st Place: 2000 $ROSE + it becomes the official Oasis Telegram Sticker Pack

2nd Place: 1000 $ROSE

3rd Place: 500 $ROSE



-The content you submit must be respectful, no profanity or explicit content is allowed.

-The content you create must be shared on Twitter(except sticker packs), also you must tag @oasisprotocol and use the #oasisnetwork and #privacy hashtags in your post.

-All content will be submitted via THIS FORM, along with shared content links.

*KYC is required in order to receive rewards

Content requirements


Pack of 5 to 10 stickers

Please ensure all sticker designs fit the following specs:

-Supported file type is PNG.

-Background is transparent.

-Size is limited to 300kb

-Square ratio

For Memes , GIFs and Infographics  there are no requirements, although we suggest using high res images.