Q4 Community Town Hall Wrap Up

From all of us at Oasis thank you for joining. We had a great time presenting all the network news, updates and partnerships to you all. Here’s the wrap up.

You can download the slides here

An Intro from Dawn Song

Dawn presented findings from some of the latest blockchain research.

The Oasis Network is first and ONLY layer 1 network with native support for rollups.

Dawn discussed the new DeFi Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which she is leading.

Join the class at https://defi-learning.org.

A main goal of the Oasis Community is to scale the Blockchain ecosystem for everyone, and education is a key part of that.

An update on the network from Oasis Foundation Director Jernej Kos

Jernej discussed the growth of the network over the last quarter:

  • Successful consensus layer upgrade in August through on-chain governance with >86% participation
  • SGX-enabled Cipher ParaTime successfully launched on Testnet with 35+ node operators participating
  • Two Oasis-first wallets successfully launched

The engineering team was hard at work too:

  • WebAssembly-based smart contracts module deployed on Cipher TestNet
  • Support for encrypted call formats enables confidential ParaTime transactions
  • Improving confidential runtime security through light client verification inside SGX enclaves
  • EVM-based smart contracts module for interoperability between WASM and EVM worlds

? The roadmap for Q4 was released!

  • Launching Cipher on Mainnet in October
  • Launching Parcel as a ParaTime on Mainnet in November
  • Launching a brand new EVM compatible ParaTime dedicated to DeFi in November
  • Integrating the cross-chain Wormhole bridge within the EVM compatible ParaTime in November
  • DEX and Lending Protocol will be the first DApps to be launched on the EVM compatible ParaTime in December

And for Q1 2022:

  • Launch Confidential smart contract module on Cipher Mainnet
  • Launch Private DeFi DApps on Cipher
  • More DeFi DApps launching on the EVM ParaTime
  • Data Tokenization in General Availability on Parcel ParaTime

The press is even taking more notice this quarter. Take a look at some of the coverage Oasis received:

Technical Lead Tadej Janež introduced the new official Oasis Wallets

Easily send, receive, delegate, or undelegate your $ROSE

Two Versions:

  1. Web Wallet (http://wallet.oasisprotocol.org)
  2. Browser Extension Wallet (for Chrome)

Oasis Labs Head of Enterprise Solutions, Vishwa Raman introduced the use cases for Parcel

The innovations and uses of Parcel:


Parcel will enable data sovereignty, allowing data users and consumers to come together to create secure, structured, monetizable data ecosystems.

With the tokenization engine Data-backed NFTs and enabled on the Oasis Network. A “data capsule” can be created by defining policies around how a piece of data can be used, which can then be tokenized.

With lots of companies already benefiting from Parcel’s powerful functionality:

Mahmoud Deghaim, CEO of Castalise gave a deep dive into how they are using Parcel and how the platform works

Applications built on Parcel have the potential to evolve, transform, and improve the Data Industry.

is a prime example of how applications built within the Oasis Network can fill the gap in the Data Industry.

Oasis business development manager, Ekin Tuna outlined how we grow the Oasis ecosystem

  • Partnering with accelerators & hackathons to bring the best projects to the network
  • Championing integration with engineering & community support
  • Engaging with the community via airdrops & marketing
  • Scaling Oasis and community built projects

Finally, we announced the first Oasis Blockchain accelerator with a total $3.5million in grants and potential investments available for applicants

The official launch for the $3.5M Blockchain Accelerator with Oasis & MetaMind Labs is February 2nd, 2022 (2/2/22)

We’ll be hitting the road to share more information about the accelerator and review prospective applicants at events in LONDON, SINGAPORE, DUBAI, & the U.S.

Stay tuned for more updates on this soon!

What a day and what an update! Thank you all so much for attending and remember you can get involved with Oasis right now at oasisprotocol.org

Or join the conversation in our community on

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