Private Genome Sequencing with Genetica and the Oasis Network

Asia’s fastest growing genome sequencing company will integrate Parcel and the Oasis Network to offer better privacy to their customers.

We’re excited to announce that Oasis Labs will be partnering with Genetica to bring Parcel and the Oasis Network to their customers — improving the privacy and security of their product. Genetica is the fastest growing personal gene sequencing company in Asia. Through this partnership, Genetica will leverage the Parcel API to give their users complete control over how their sequenced genetica data is used and analyzed — improving the security of some of our most sensitive health data.

Meet Parcel

Parcel is a set of privacy-first, data governance APIs designed to make it easy to build apps on the Oasis network and give individuals better control and oversight into how their data is used. Parcel’s suite of tools enables developers to:

  • Securely store sensitive user data
  • Define and enforce usage policies over that sensitive data
  • Build apps connected to the Oasis Network
  • Easily deploy an isolated compute environment — called a Secure Enclave — for privacy preserving analysis.

The Parcel solution allows businesses to tackle one of the most challenging issues of our time — providing strong privacy guarantees to their customers without compromising the utility of their product. Parcel’s simplified consent and data management tooling, combined with privacy- preserving technology, helps businesses reduce the custody risk of storing sensitive data, while differentiating their product with stronger privacy guarantees.

Privacy-First Genome Sequencing

Genetica is the fastest growing gene sequencing company in Asia. Their proprietary technology allows individuals to receive valuable insights into the genetic makeup — like their chances of contracting genetic diseases, which diet or health plan is best suited to their physiology, and how to best support their child’s development. By partnering with Oasis Labs, Genetica is able to provide stronger privacy guarantees to their customers. Sequenced genome data will be secured by the Parcel API, and users will be able to control its usage (even completely revoking access) via Oasis’ Steward application.

Co-founder and CEO Genetica, Dr. Tuan Cao said, “Partnership with Oasis, Genetica is proud of becoming the 1st genetic economy that empowers users to control and own their data. With three pillars of our core technology: AI, Proprietary Gene Decoding Chip, and now Blockchain, Genetica is designed to enable billions of individuals to be involved in future health”.

Parcel operates as a ParaTime on the Oasis Network, meaning transactions are backed by the network’s powerful decentralized architecture. Under the hood, whenever a new genome is sequenced, shared, or analyzed, Parcel posts transactions to the Oasis Network and pays a gas fee in ROSE. This further ensures the security of each individual’s data, as all transactions are logged on the Oasis Networks immutable ledger.

Genetica and Oasis Labs will be rolling out their integration in the coming months. If you’d like to stay up to date on the progress, or get your genome sequenced by Genetica make sure to follow us on social and visit their website here.

About Oasis Labs

Backed by top investors including a16z Crypto, Accel, Polychain, Pantera, and many others, Oasis Labs is a data privacy software company and a key contributor to the Oasis Network, the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Oasis Labs’ unique products enable a broad spectrum of new applications from DeFi to healthcare to IoT and more

About Genetica

Genetica® — the first gene decoding company combined with AI, is one of the leaders of gene testing in Asia. Headquartered in San Francisco (USA), Genetica® labs hold CLIA, CAP, are the most stringent certifications in the United States for genetic testing. The results of the report were evaluated by a team of scientists from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, California San Francisco, Cornell.

The company provides low-cost gene testing solutions with world-class quality for Asian population, thanks to the partnership with Illumina and Thermo Fisher — two of the world’s leading gene-decoding organizations. Genetica focuses on analyzing and decoding genes for Asians to help the nurture and education planning of children, personalized nutrition, exercise, and sickness prevention plans, including 18 common cancers in Asia.

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