Oasis September Engineering Update

Our monthly update on all things technical

Welcome to our roundup of what the Oasis Network team have been working on, take a moment to catch up with all the latest developments.


The official Oasis Wallets have been released on Sep 21!

We launched two variants:

Both variants allow you to:

  • Easily send, receive, delegate or undelegate your ROSE
  • Create multiple ROSE accounts with a single mnemonic
  • Use it to manage any ROSE account on your Ledger wallet
  • Import any ROSE account via its private key
  • Easily switch between Web and Browser Extension thanks to mnemonic compatibility
  • View transaction history

For more info, see our Oasis Wallets Docs.


  • Cipher ParaTime upgrade on Testnet to include the WebAssembly smart contracts module is around the corner.
  • An initial version of the Cipher ParaTime will launch on Mainnet in October!
  • EVM compatible ParaTime will launch on testnet as well as mainnet in the Fall.


  • EVM module for the Oasis Runtime SDK has been developed and will be deployed soon as part of an EVM compatible ParaTime on the Testnet. Related Web3 gateway to allow backwards compatibility with existing Ethereum tooling is in development.
  • Encrypted call format support which allows confidential transactions has been completed and will be part of the upcoming SDK release.
  • Confidential runtime security has been improved through light client verification of consensus layer state inside SGX enclaves. This ensures that even the node operators cannot manipulate state roots of confidential runtimes.
  • Documentation on developing WebAssembly-based smart contracts using the Contract SDK is in the making.


  • Solidity-based smart contract module will be available on the EVM compatible ParaTime in the Fall.
  • WebAssembly-based smart contracts module is available on the Cipher ParaTime testnet and will be available on mainnet in Q4.

Want to know more?

Register for the Q4 Community Townhall event here.

Live on Zoom — 12th of October at 12PM EST.

You’ll here updates from the core Oasis team including a welcome from Oasis Labs Founder and CEO, Dawn Song.

See the full agenda here

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