Oasis Network Incentives (Draft)

A Draft Proposal for the Network at Time of Launch

The first proposal for Oasis Network Incentives at time of Mainnet launch have just been submitted. This is just a snippet. For the full overview please go to Incentive Proposal in the Oasis Docs.

When designing and running stress tests, audits, and simulations, the underlying goal has been to develop an incentive model that encourages both the development of a healthy and active developer ecosystem as well as a secure, decentralized network through an engaged and diverse node operator community.

The core focus of this incentive documentation is to outline a proposal for parameters and rewards around staking and delegation. In future documentation we will provide more detail on the proposed roadmap and rewards that expand beyond this activity.

You can read the full proposal here. To submit your feedback and comments to the proposal please reach out to us on Slack or via GitHub.

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