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Oasis Integrates cBridge Cross-Chain Token Transfers on Sapphire

The Oasis Network Community is thrilled to announce that Oasis Network and Celer have strengthened their collaboration on cutting-edge technology for Web3 with the latest integration of Celer cBridge on the Sapphire Mainnet. With this integration, Sapphire gains significant new functionality with the support of the first decentralized and non-custodial asset bridge on mainnet! 

How Celer cBridge Connects Web3 Assets

The Celer Network has consistently emerged as a pivotal player in facilitating inter-blockchain communications, prioritizing efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. The cBridge framework is central to Celer’s mission of enabling a one-click user experience for cross-chain gaming, governance, and everything in between. 

Wanli Zhou, Head of Ecosystem at Celer Network, said: “The launch of cBridge on Oasis Sapphire marks a new milestone, unlocking the potential for confidential trading across Sapphire and various other blockchain networks. We are excited to have now supported the full Celer bridging suite including IM and cBridge within a dynamic dApp ecosystem. This integration underscores the synergy of intelligent privacy solutions, further empowering a landscape of innovation.”

Here are just a few highlights of cBridge capabilities:

  • Seamless Integration: Celer cBridge architecture allows for straightforward integration with existing Web3 dApps, often mitigating the need for extensive code modifications.
  • Multichain Interoperability: Celer cBridge is a versatile framework that adeptly manages the transfer of asset types across a myriad of blockchain environments.
  • User-Centric Design: the refined functionalities of cBridge streamline user interactions and set the gold standard for cross-chain utility in Web3.

Integrating cBridge on Sapphire paves the way for applications operating on any other layer of Web3 to harness Sapphire’s robust, customizable confidentiality with the cross-chain asset transfer security framework of Celer cBridge. Together, these two technologies create powerful possibilities for builders and creators who are now positioned to radically redefine what dApp development means in Web3.

Jernej Kos, Director at the Oasis Protocol Foundation, said: “We are excited to have completed this latest integration with Celer, which marks another step forward for the utility Oasis brings to every Web3 ecosystem. Together with Celer cBridge, we are empowering engineers across multiple EVM ecosystems to harness smart privacy capabilities for their applications.”

Celer Bridged Token Addresses of Oasis Sapphire

With Celer cBridge now integrated, Oasis Sapphire supports the bridging of ETH, USDC, USDT, WBTC, BNB, and MATIC.

  • WETH: 0xfc6b18d694F2D137dB762B152736Ba098F9808d9
  • USDC: 0x2c2E3812742Ab2DA53a728A09F5DE670Aba584b6
  • USDT: 0xE48151964556381B33f93E05E36381Fd53Ec053E
  • WBTC: 0xE9533976C590200E32d95C53f06AE12d292cFc47
  • BNB: 0xe95E3a9f1a45B5EDa71781448F6047d7B7e31cbF
  • MATIC: 0xa349005a68FA33e8DACAAa850c45175bbcD49B19

Deepened Collaboration with Celer and Oasis 

Integrating cBridge into Sapphire Mainnet extends the collaboration between the Oasis and Celer teams that began in February 2022 focused on robust cross-chain messaging and bridging capabilities. More recently, Oasis announced the successful integration of Celer IM messaging bridge on Sapphire mainnet as a precursor to the cBridge integration. 

With Celer’s inter-chain messaging framework already integrated with Sapphire, dApp developers are able to seamlessly build robust cross-chain logic in their applications. Both of these Celer integrations create game-changing developer and user experiences for native Sapphire applications and dApps running on other host chains that leverage Sapphire’s Smart Privacy features. 

Oasis and Celer are both pioneers of powerful technologies to support radical utility and mainstream adoption of Web3. The Oasis community is thrilled about this latest step forward powered by cBridge and the long-term positive impact it will have on the growth and adoption of Oasis smart privacy technologies for all Web3.

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