Oasis-Eth Hackathon: Over 3K new smart contracts deployed

A round up of the Oasis Network’s October Hackathon, with over 3K smart contracts deployed and winners for best app, best ported app from Ethereum and more.

The Oasis-Eth Hackathon is complete! Seeing the community enthusiasm for the Oasis Network and its support for Ethereum based DApps was really exciting. We had a huge turn out, with over 6k participants and over 100k ROSE tokens rewarded. The event was a tremendous success, and one of the many hackathon and community events to come as we get closer to Mainnet.

Here are just a few highlights from the event. The community really dove in. We saw some creative demo apps like this participant who felt the need to share their love of coffee:

Some nice ancient egyptian art:

And of course, because it’s the internet, Cats!

These demo apps were built as part of the first challenge, where participants followed a tutorial DApps that allowed their friends to comment and discuss shared images. The DApps were shared hundreds of times across Twitter, Facebook, and many other social channels.

We had submission in almost every category, including some very cool custom DApps built as well. Like this one, which poses the important question “Should we give unicorn’s voting rights” or this Among Us themed voting app.

With hundreds of winners, there are too many names to list here. If you completed the challenge, submitted your results, and your submission satisfied at least one of the challenges, we’ll reach out with more information on how many ROSE tokens you won and how to claim your reward.

Thanks again to everyone that participated! If you’d like to dive even deeper, and win more ROSE tokens we have another Hackathon live right now. Checkout our page here to learn more about the hackathon rules and how to get started.

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