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Oasis and Chainstack Announce Partnership to Support Sapphire Nodes

Web3 user experiences are often clunky and frustrating even for the most experienced individuals. Widespread adoption comes from simple, seamless interfaces for building and using Web3 tools. The importance of this goal is why the Oasis team is excited to announce its partnership with Chainstack to add support for Oasis Sapphire nodes.

With support on the Chainstack platform, anyone can launch and run an Oasis node to support the first confidentiality-enabled EVM network in Web3. Chainstack has built enterprise-grade infrastructure for anyone in Web3 to access, which empowers builders and creators to focus on adding value through their projects without the hassle of manually managing nodes.

Thanks to the patented Bolt technology from Chainstack, users receive fully-synced dedicated Oasis Sapphire nodes in almost no time at all. And, by using up-to-date snapshots of the Oasis ledger, Chainstack spins up dedicated Oasis Sapphire RPC nodes with the latest state. So, users receive a functional node on the same day they request it without having to wait for long sync times to complete. Read more about Bolt here.

Using Oasis Through Chainstack

Getting started with using Oasis through Chainstack is quick and easy. Here’s how it works.

  1. Login to the Chainstack console.
  2. Select a cloud service provider.
  3. Select a location to deploy an Oasis node.  

By leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure from Chainstack, managing Oasis nodes at optimum efficiency with minimal overhead costs is easily achievable. Users can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective solutions tailored to fit both their budget and technical needs.

“We could not be more thrilled about Chainstack incorporating Oasis into their tech stack. This partnership represents a major milestone for both projects,” said William Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Lead at Oasis Foundation. “By launching seamlessly on the Oasis Sapphire mainnet, Oasis developers are now poised to unlock a world of new possibilities and opportunities,” he added.

Everything needed to manage an Oasis node is available in one feature-rich dashboard on Chainstack. Web3 novices and veterans alike can supercharge their infrastructure with the privacy technology from Oasis managed through the Chainstack platform.

Great tools need simple interfaces for maximum adoption. Oasis is proud to partner with Chainstack to bring the capability of easily running a node for the Oasis Sapphire layer to anyone in Web3.

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