Node Operator Spotlight: Stakefish

This is a new series highlighting the amazing work node operators on the Oasis Network are doing. To learn more about our network become a node operator yourself go here.

Tell us about your team — who are you, where are you based?

Stakefish is a globally distributed team who have gathered to create the leading staking service provider for Proof of Stake blockchains. Since we are all around the globe, we cannot define ourselves based on one country. We’re everywhere!

What made you interested in Proof-of-Stake networks? What was the first network you ran a validator for? What other networks are you running validators for?

While Proof of Work will always play a critical role, we believe Proof of Stake is also interesting and will constantly grow in the blockchain ecosystem. We first began our journey by running a validator for Loom Network. Since then, we have aggressively expanded our portfolio and now support: Tezos, Cosmos, Chainlink, Algorand, IRIS Network, Kusama, Loom Network, The OAN, Kava and Edgeware. There are many more networks that are on testnet phases that we are supporting.

Tell us about your business model and how you think about delegation and commission rates?

Our core business is our staking service. We will continuously work on providing the widest range of staking service at competitive rates. We want to make staking accessible and easy for all users. So our commission rates will always be set at a level that sustains our infrastructure setup, but also affordable for everyone.

In addition to running nodes, does your team focus on other aspects of the blockchain ecosystem? Community efforts, building tooling, token economic research, etc?

Other than running nodes, we build out tools and spend a lot of time building up community. As an example, we have built up a leaderboard that shows all the validators that are validating on Oasis along with how much is staked with them ( We will keep expanding the ecosystems for projects we run nodes for.

Tell us about why you joined the Oasis Network. What made you interested to join?

Oasis Network was on our radar ever since Dawn Song announced her intention to build this project up. She has given some inspirational talks on why privacy matters. We want to help the Oasis team build up this better future of the web.

Anything that’s made you particularly excited about the Network — technology-wise, community-wise, etc?

We see a lot of respected peer node operators on Oasis! These great teams are already building on top of Oasis, which is a great sign for the future of the network.

Any big feedback or things we should work on?

So far so good! We would just like to see a consistent focus on bringing more applications and developers to the Oasis ecosystem. Attracting builders will be the only way base layer protocols survive in the long-run.

In 5 years where do you hope to see the Oasis Network? What kinds of problems would you like the community and foundation to be focused on solving collectively?

We hope to see hundreds of applications leveraging privacy features on the Oasis Network. I am hoping to see more collective efforts around making the builders’ experience as seamless as building on non-blockchain web applications.

How can others get in touch with you and your team?

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