NFT Referral Competition

Are you a BD Professional in the Blockchain Industry and want to join our BD Ambassador Program?

This is the perfect opportunity for you. 

What is the BD Ambassador program ?


How to participate in the program?


  • You must recommend and introduce a popular/established NFT artist to us.
  • The artist recommended by you must be minting his/her collection on Oasis and be featured by Oasis.
  • You must make the introduction 
  • After making the introduction to the artist you must stay involved in the process, helping us every step along the way to have the artwork deployed as an NFT on Oasis.
  • You should answer any basic questions about Oasis and its ecosystem the artist might have
  • It is expected that you hold yourself to the highest standards of professionalism while engaging with both the artist and the Oasis team.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for creators that are not yet in the space and would like to join the crypto/blockchain community with their work.

We’re also looking to bring over artists that might have already deployed NFTs and look to expand to the Oasis Network with new collections. With this initiative, we’re looking for high quality,artistic collections.

The collections the artists release on Oasis need to be new, meaning they haven’t been minted before as NFTs.

The selection criteria on who will be featured by Oasis does not have a set limit on for instance a minimum follower count across various social media platforms but it will certainly help if the proposed artist already has a few thousand followers across Instagram, Twitter, and similar platforms as a reassurance that we’re featuring quality artists to our Oasis community.