Network Tools: Building, Exploring & Running a Node

Created to support the next evolution of DeFi, Oasis is the leading Layer-1 blockchain with built-in privacy features. Since genesis, the Oasis ecosystem has gone from strength to strength, attracting hosts of developers looking to create the next generation of DeFi applications as well as a thriving and highly supportive community.

This blog post will explore how easy it is for developers to build privacy-centric apps on the Oasis platform. We will also provide an overview of the range of superb community made tools that you can access right now

Once upon a ParaTime

The Oasis Network is exceptionally versatile, allowing developers to build next-gen DApps on an ecosystem comprised of unique ParaTimes, or to create an individual ParaTime for a specific need, such as confidential computing or for use in a permissioned or permissionless solution. But that’s not all; the Oasis Network has tackled the issue of soaring gas fees head-on, vastly reducing the cost of transactions. Developers can take advantage of low gas fees, which are an unprecedented 99% cheaper than Ethereum to build economically viable and affordable DApps. And if app development is not your thing, you could earn up to 20% by helping support the maintenance of the Oasis Network by staking ROSE tokens. Depending on the length of time staked, this could add up to a tidy amount of passive income.

Privacy with Parcel

Parcel is a privacy-first data governance SDK built on top of the Oasis Network purposely designed to protect and isolate data — giving app users complete control and ownership of their personal information.

Key features of the SDK include:

  • The ability to automatically implement data ownership and access policies across a single application of an entire organization
  • A simplified user interface than a typical smart contract environment making development intuitively easier.
  • No need to invest time and energy learning a new custom language or complex smart contract systems because Typescript is supported, allowing the Parcel SDK to be seamlessly added into your development flow.
  • A built-in dispatcher is included, making it extremely easy to spin up an isolated environment for privacy-preserving computation
  • An immutable, tamper-proof record of actions ensuring user data can’t be misused

With features like those listed above, it’s no wonder Oasis is becoming the only real choice for developers; however, to support developers, backwards-compatible smart contracts with EVM and Rust-based Paratimes can be created. Or, as we cover below, the entire Solidity toolchain can be utilized to build DApps and write smart contracts easily.

Build an Ethereum Dapp

The Oasis Ethereum ParaTime is fully compatible with today’s Ethereum applications and, as mentioned above, vastly exceeds the speed of the Ethereum mainnet.

  • Complete Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity toolchain support
  • Gas fees that are 99% lower than Ethereum
  • Much efficient and higher performance compared to Ethereum with throughputs in orders of magnitude higher and an unbeatable 6 second confirmation time
  • Easy-to-use web-based development environment allowing app creation no matter when or where you want to develop

Community Built tools

The ease of building on the Oasis Network has led to a constantly expanding set of fantastic development and network tools made by our incredible community to monitor the Oasis Network, automate node development and many more, which you can read about below. If you are a developer new to Oasis, you might like to check out the Oasis Core Developer Documents, which will have you building your own integration in no time at all.

Block Explorers & Validator Leader boards

Take a look at the range of block explorers to discover all transactions that have taken place on the Oasis Network, find out the current network hash rate and transaction growth, and the activity on blockchain addresses, among other helpful information

Wallets, GUIs, and Staking Dashboards

Everything you need to get up and running and start investing and earning on the Oasis Network.

One-touch Node Deployments

Take away the complexities of deploying nodes with these outstandingly intuitive one-touch deployment systems.

Developer Tools

Monitoring and Alerts

Complete suites of network monitoring and alert systems to keep you in the loop with the latest information on the Oasis Network.


It’s evident that Oasis is the number one choice for developers looking to implement the latest generation of DeFi apps and with the range of tools available, expect to see a fantastic range of privacy-focused, scalable, commercially viable applications to be launched soon.

On top of the comprehensive tooling available, a pool of over $1.5m in ROSE is available for grants from the Oasis Foundation to help fund new projects. So if you or your team has an excellent idea for improving the Oasis Network or are inspired to build a new DeFi protocol that might just be the ‘killer DApp’, get in touch right away.

To find out more about Oasis, you can read our whitepaper here or feel free to reach out to the Oasis team on any of our social media channels; we’d love to hear from you:

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