How to use wallets to manage your ROSE tokens

The Oasis Network is going from strength to strength, amassing an incredible community of supporters and developers. ROSE, the native token used throughout the Oasis ecosystem for transaction fees, staking and delegation at the Consensus Layer, is now also being traded on several exchanges.

Token holders can choose to keep their ROSE on an exchange, totally relying on its security measures; but, the Oasis Network also empowers individuals to be their own bank and supports a range of wallet solutions to store and manage ROSE tokens. This guide takes you through the various hardware, web, and mobile wallets all of which support staking as well as token holding.

Which wallets can I use to manage my ROSE tokens?

You can use a Ledger hardware wallet in combination with a web-based wallet or a mobile wallet to manage your ROSE tokens.

For the more technically inclined users, we also have a Command Line Interface which can be used with a file-based wallet or a Ledger hardware wallet. More details in our Oasis CLI Tools documentation.

And more options are coming soon!

Ledger Hardware Wallet

To get started with Ledger, carry out the following steps:

  • Install Ledger Live and make sure you enable experimental mode.
  • Install the Oasis App to your Ledger wallet via Ledger Live’s Manager.

To find the Oasis app in the Ledger Live app store, go to the App catalog search bar and type in Oasis:

After you have successfully done this, you can set up your ROSE token address and then make transactions via the Oasis Command Line tools or a web wallet. It is vital to ensure that an up to date firmware is used; for more information on this and using a Ledger wallet, click here.

Web Wallets

For maximum flexibility, the Oasis Network supports several web-based wallets. To get started, simply choose a wallet and follow the instructions to get set up quickly and easily.

Currently, users can choose between two wallets that work in combination with a Ledger hardware wallet. Namely, the RockX Wallet for Oasis Network and Chorus One Anthem Wallet.

Both of these wallets combine the simplicity of using a web-based user interface and the security of storing your account’s private key on your Ledger wallet.

So, let’s get started!

RockX Wallet for Oasis Network

Follow these steps to create an account with RockX.

  • You can sign in by connecting your Ledger Wallet.
  • Or you can sign in with an existing Oasis address.

You can also easily stake and/or delegate ROSE tokens through the RockX wallet.

Chorus One Anthem Wallet

Follow these steps to open your Oasis account with Chorus One Anthem:

  • Click on Connect
  • Choose your method of signing in. Note — you must use the Chrome or Brave web browser to successfully connect your Ledger Device.
  • If you have an existing Oasis account, you can also sign in using its address.

The Chorus One Anthem wallet supports transfers, staking and/or delegation of ROSE tokens.

Using Bitpie Mobile Wallet

Bitpie is the first mobile wallet for ROSE tokens on the Oasis Network and it’s available right now both iOS and Android.

The Bitpie Wallet lets you generate an Oasis wallet address so that you can receive ROSE tokens, as well as transfer out ROSE tokens to other valid Oasis wallet addresses. Additionally, the Bitpie Wallet is also compatible with many other crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Here’s how to get started with your mobile device.

  • Head over to to download the Bitpie wallet. If using iOS make sure you select the app named Bitpie-Universal Crypto Wallet. Below is the iOS version in the app store.
  • Once installed you need to generate an Oasis wallet address — open the app and click on the Create a New Wallet button.
  • You will be asked to create a seed phrase and a PIN number.
  • Make sure you write down or store the 12 words in your “seed phrase” in a secure location. If you lose this seed, you may permanently lose your assets.
  • To use ROSE, you will need to choose the ROSE Wallet System. On the screen displaying the list of supported cryptocurrency assets, scroll down until you find ROSE, labelled with the blue “O” logo and the words “ROSE (Oasis ROSE).”
  • You should see a screen like the one below, labelled “ROSE System” in the top left corner of the screen and displaying “ROSE” under the “Assets” section.
  • You can now share your Oasis wallet address publicly to receive ROSE tokens from others, and you can use your Bitpie Wallet to transfer your ROSE tokens to others as well.
  • The Bitpie wallet is packed with features allowing you to stake ROSE via the Escrow system, connect to test networks and stores and much more.

Next steps

Now that you have read this article, just follow the steps above to choose your preferred wallet to access and manage your ROSE tokens!

If you have any additional questions, be sure to reach out via one of our official channels:

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