How Oasis Is Blazing a New Path for Women in Blockchain

On May 6, 2021 at 12pm EST, Oasis Foundation is hosting the Female Blockchain Leaders: A Free Mentorship Event. The event will feature some of the most prominent women in the blockchain space. Our guest panelists come from major organizations including Cointelegraph, Stellar, Chainlink, Coinfund, America on Tech, The Bigger Pie, Pantera and CryptoKitties to name a few and will provide a medium for successful professionals and aspiring women and students in blockchain to connect.

As an organization on the forefront of innovation and led by a female founder, Dawn Song, who’s been awarded the MIT TR35 award for being one of the top innovators in the world, Oasis understands the important role women play in blockchain’s future. The upcoming event represents an important stepping stone for our industry by creating a space for top female professionals in blockchain to connect and help guide and nurture future female talent.

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Managing Editor @ Cointelegraph

– Cecilia Chapiro, Investment Advisor @ UNICEF
– Anne Fauvre, COO @ Oasis Labs
– Bridget Greenwood, Founder @The Bigger Pie
– Vanessa Grellet, Head of Portfolio Growth @
– Nadia Hewett, Project Lead, Data for Common Purpose Initiative and Blockchain @ World Economic Forum LLC
– Layne Lafrance, Product Lead @ Flow at DApper labs and co-founder of CryptoKitties
– Maria Magenes, Senior Marketing Manager Europe & Africa @ Maker Foundation
– Lisa Nestor, Senior Strategist @ Stellar Development Foundation
– Kylie Repasy, National Program Leader America on Tech
– Adelyn Zhou, CMO @ Chainlink Labs
– Kerry Wong, Director of Investor Relations, Pantera

Bringing Together Rising Stars With The Blockchain Industry’s Best

Grayscale, a leader in digital currency investing, published a survey that cited over 40% of people interested in Bitcoin are women, yet women also represent less than 10% of cryptocurrency investors. This shows there is a clear disconnect between general market participants and the people behind blockchain companies, and that’s why this Female Blockchain Leaders: A Mentorship Event hosted by Oasis is so critical.

Up and coming talent, underrepresented women, and aspiring blockchain professionals need opportunities to connect with top-level executives in the blockchain industry. The mentorship that just one person receives through the upcoming event has the potential to change the blockchain space, and we understand how important of an opportunity this event will be for aspiring females in blockchain and for the industry as a whole.

From its inception, Oasis Foundation has been on the forefront of advocating for women in technology and blockchain. Oasis not only challenges traditional ways of thinking within our technological approach and blockchain solutions, we also challenge the status quo for how women fit into the blockchain industry. We believe immensely in the power of equality and the incredible innovation women bring to this industry, and that’s why we’re creating a space to foster future talent at our upcoming panel.

A Stepping Stone for Younger Talent

Giving access to younger talent is important to us here at Oasis. So as part of the upcoming event, we’ve decided to collaborate with America On Tech (AOT) and The Bigger Pie, both organizations that help people in disadvantaged positions get a fair shot at great opportunities. Students and members of these organizations will get the chance to ask questions and receive mentoring. The event is also free to join and open to anyone who is interested in the blockchain space that wants to receive mentoring, ask questions, and get actionable advice from top people in our industry.

Oasis Foundation Partners with Sperax to Offer Grants That Support Women-Led Blockchain Projects

Oasis has partnered with Sperax to provide up to $50,000 grants to women-led projects in the blockchain space as part of Sparex’s LIFTED Grant Series. With both organizations being led by women, Oasis and Sperax understand the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive blockchain industry, and how that directly impacts innovation in the blockchain space. Learn more here


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