Final Countdown to Mainnet (Update 1)

Mainnet Beta is just around the corner!

Mainnet for the Oasis Network is fast approaching. In recent weeks we’ve shared an in-depth primer, introduced the network token, ROSE, and shared the economics behind the network.

This week we’re excited to introduce the Oasis Network’s Genesis File, which contains the initial state of the Oasis Network. Creating this file is a critical step towards releasing mainnet, and means we are one step closer to launching the first privacy-enabled blockchain and our vision for a responsible data economy.

In the next few days, the community will provide feedback on the file, and updates will be made. Here’s just a brief overview of our path to Mainnet:

  1. Genesis File Feedback — Now: The community provides feedback on the Genesis File which will be updated and locked by September 17th.
  2. Mainnet Dry Run — Sept 22nd: A test deployment of the network to catch any last bugs. This was a success with the network kicking off in <1 minute! ???
  3. Mainnet Beta — October 1st: A fully featured version of the Oasis Network with the ROSE token, but with transfers disabled. Mainnet Beta will follow shortly after the dry run, assuming there are no major hiccups!
  4. Mainnet Production — Coming Soon: Once Mainnet Beta is stable (likely a few weeks after Beta launch), we expect validators to propose a network upgrade that would enable transfers of the ROSE token — transitioning Mainnet Beta to Mainnet Production. Accounts on the Oasis Network will remain the same from Beta to Production.

With Mainnet just around the corner, we want to make sure you’re up to data on all the latest Network news. Follow us on Twitter, or join our Telegram to chat with the community, hear from the development team and more.

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