Fair Fight Tournament

Welcome players to the harsh world of Fair Fight!

Will you be the next champion? Only one way to find out!

Join this glorious gaming tournament and become the reigning champion of Fair Fight!

The rules are simple, sign up for the tournament on this page, and join the #fair-fight tournament channel on our Discord alongside the other players. You will have 7 days to claim the most wins.

Tournament start and end dates : Dec 15 5:00 PM UTC – Dec 22 8:00 PM UTC

The top 8 players will compete in a knockout tournament that will be live streamed on our Discord and on our Twitch channel

Tournament guideline and rules


Sign up for the tournament using this FORM

Once you join the channel on our Discord server you can chat and setup fights with other tournament participants or you can start playing your friends to rack up points.

Head over to Fair Fight’s game page : https://fairfight.fairprotocol.solutions/

In order to play a game of Fair Fight the two players must be online and have the game’s page open

You will need a minimum of 1 ROSE token to play

Here’s a guide on our wallets and how to transfer ROSE to your metamask :

Users can create a new game or connect to an existing game session

The game host chooses the number of rounds and the amount that he is ready to bet on his victory in each round. Both users make the deposit, and the Fair Protocol smart contract makes sure everything is fair!

Users receive rewards for each round they win

Users can end the game any time and take the reward

Players can create matches with anyone to increase their number of wins

Participants must play at least 3 games to be eligible for the leaderboard

Game controls :

Movement : W A S D keys

Shoot : Space (you get 5 shots and you can pickup ammo crates across the map)

Friendly tip : AVOID THE LAVA 🙂 

Mention: Game only works on desktop browsers


Prize Pool 


$555 in ROSE tokens


1st Place : $100

2nd Place : $75

3rd Place : $50

4th – 8th place : $25

9th – 50th place : $5

Good luck everyone, see you on the battlefield!