Discover what your genes are saying about you with the Genetica-Oasis Partnership

We recently announced our partnership with Genetica to bring Parcel and the Oasis Network to their customers. Genetica helps individuals gain valuable insights into their genetic makeup. These insights include a person’s chances of contracting genetic diseases, which diet or health plan is best suited to their physiology, and even how to best support their child’s development. By partnering with Oasis Labs, Genetica is able to leverage the Parcel API to give their customers complete control over how their sequenced genetic data is used and analyzed, all while providing stronger privacy guarantees for their most sensitive health data.

To launch this partnership, we have a promotion code for you to get 20% off Genetica’s G-Care report

What is G-Care?

How would you like to learn everything about your body so that you can design the most effective lifestyle, diet, exercise, and health care plan for yourself? G-Care is a lifestyle report that analyses over 65 genes from a saliva sample to provide you with more than 100 results & personalized recommendations on:

  • Nutrition: Discover how your body reacts to specific nutrients to help fine-tune your eating habits and improve your health.
  • Fitness: You know that it’s all about exercising smarter and not harder. Knowing your genetic makeup will help you design the ideal workout plan that works for you.
  • Health: Genetic mutations can be problematic, but if you know how your genes affect your health, you can be proactive when it comes to your health and tailor your healthcare plan.
  • Behavior: What makes you tick? Through this report, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses, what works and what doesn’t.
  • Other: Learn how to improve your life with minor adjustments

Your 20% Discount Offer

From 16 October 2021 through to 16 November 2021, you will receive a 20% discount off the G-Care report with this code: GENOASIS.

You can use the code through Genetica’s website or their app.

How to use the code on the web

  • Click here and enter the gift code (GENOASIS) to redeem the voucher
  • You will receive a voucher code that you can copy, or request to send, to your phone for future use
  • Go to the G-Care page and buy the service
  • At the payment step, enter your voucher code

How to use the code through the Genetica app

  • Download the Genetica app
  • Log in with your phone number
  • Go to the ‘Gift Code’ category
  • Enter: GENOASIS
  • After seeing the voucher message, click on the voucher details to get a list of application packages
  • Click ‘USE’ to go to product status and make a payment

About Genetica

Genetica® — the first gene decoding company combined with AI, is one of the leaders of gene testing in Asia. Headquartered in San Francisco (USA), Genetica® labs hold CLIA, CAP, are the most stringent certifications in the United States for genetic testing. The results of the report were evaluated by a team of scientists from leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, California San Francisco, and Cornell.

The company provides low-cost gene testing solutions with world-class quality for Asian population, thanks to the partnership with Illumina and Thermo Fisher — two of the world’s leading gene-decoding organizations. Genetica focuses on analyzing and decoding genes for Asians to help the nurture and education planning of children, personalized nutrition, exercise, and sickness prevention plans, including 18 common cancers in Asia.

About Oasis Labs

Backed by top investors including a16z Crypto, Accel, Polychain, Pantera, and many others, Oasis Labs is a data privacy software company and a key contributor to the Oasis Network, the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Oasis Labs’ unique products enable a broad spectrum of new applications from DeFi to healthcare to IoT and more.

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