Discord Monthly Competition

Are you logged into Discord 24/7? Love to help others? Like to engage and have deep conversations about crypto and privacy? Then this competition is definitely for you!

During this month, the Bud Bot, powered by MBuddy, will track your engagement through the completion of tasks outlined below. If you achieve one of the highest scores- you will have the chance to win your share of $500 in $ROSE!

This competition will last one month. It will begin on 05/06/2022 and end on 06/06/2022


Start by creating your MBuddy HERE, you must create an MBuddy to participate in the contest. 


  1. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/YgD3aQyTKF
  2. Be active, engage, and be helpful to others (no spamming)
  3. Invite friends to join our channel 
  4. Retweet the Twitter announcement of the contest and tag 3 friends
  5. Check in daily in the #check-in channel and give a short response to the pinned topic. If you don’t respond to the pinned topic, your check in will not count.
  6. !IMPORTANT! If you don’t respond to the pinned topic, you will be disqualified.
  7. Participate in our trivia competition
  8. Earn points with your MBuddy and get more entries!



  1. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/YgD3aQyTKF
  2. Follow @OasisProtocol on Twitter. Retweet the Twitter announcement of the competition (requirement)
  3. Check in daily with !check-in command, and give your answer to “topic of the day” in the #check-in channel 


  1. Invite people to our Discord (earn extra entries- not a requirement)
  2. Participate in our trivia competition (earn extra entries – not a requirement)
  3. Be active, engage and be helpful to others (our will mods distribute extra entries – not a requirement)


  1. Spamming and botting are strictly prohibited
  2. The Oasis team reserves the right to decide which posts are considered as “spam”
  3. Inviting bots, fake- or spam accounts to the server will result in disqualification.
  4. Participate in the required activities for the monthly competition
  5. Misconduct will result in a ban from our server and all future competitions

How to create an MBuddy

Step-1: Create your Parcel account

Command 1.1: Go to https://auth.oasislabs.com to create your Parcel account.

Note: Parcel is a privacy-persevering computing infrastructure provided by the Oasis Network. MetaMirror leverages Parcel to help users generate a Web 3.0+ identity, MBuddy. The Oasis Steward is the user end app to manage your data used by Parcel apps.

Step-2: Verify your wallet address at Oasis Discord

Command 2.1: Send !verify command in #🤖┃-bot-commands channel and follow the instructions to verify your wallet. You will be redirected to use a secure link in a private channel. 

Step-3: Connect your wallet at MetaMirror

Command 3.1: Go to the MetaMirror Oasis Network Space Website.

Click the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right.

Command-3.2: Connect with your wallet. Currently, Metamirror only supports MetaMask. If the wallet is connected successfully, your wallet address will be displayed in the top-right corner.

Step-4: Generate or reset your MBuddy

Command-4.1: If you’ve generated MBuddy Oasis Space before, you need to click the ‘reset’ button to update it. If this is your first time using MBuddy, please skip to 3.2.

Command-4.2: Click your wallet address on the top-right of the Oasis Network Space web page, and then click the “Generate MBuddy” button in the pop-up window.

Command-4.3: You will be redirected to Auth3’s Data Marketplace. If it’s your first time using this website, you need to log in to your Parcel account. Click “OK” to proceed.

Command-4.4: After login with Parcel, review the Privacy Policy Specific to this Data Project. Check the two boxes and click the “Agree and Upload” button to upload your Twitter and Discord data.

Important note: Please carefully review the “Privacy Policy Specific to this Data Project” section for this and all future Data Projects. It contains important information about your raw data and computed results.

Command-4.5: Your Oasis Space MBuddy attributes will appear. 


Our team will select the top 5 participants with the highest score, calculated using MBuddy. Bonus points for helpfulness and engagement will be awarded by our team. We will announce the winners via Discord following the conclusion of the competition. 

IMPORTANT! – KYC is required to receive any rewards