Community Concepts

We are excited to introduce Community Concepts, a non technical Sapphire Hackathon

We recently announced that the Sapphire ParaTime, the first and only confidential EVM, is live on testnet. Sapphire offers Solidity developers a familiar development environment, but with the added benefits of Oasis’ privacy preserving technology.

Community Concepts is a nontechnical hackathon open to everyone- meaning you don’t have to build anything to get involved. All you need is an idea, centered around what use case for Sapphire you believe will be most important or valuable. To participate, you’ll need to identify a problem that the Sapphire ParaTime’s confidentiality features can solve, research the market opportunity, describe how your project will use Sapphire, and design a business model. You can team up with others, or work alone!

Here are a few use cases to help you get started, but we encourage you to think outside the box when coming up with your idea:

-Sapphire allows for the creation of confidential DEXs that hide the inputs and outputs from being seen. We believe this will solve many issues that institutions and investors might have with the current state of DeFi. In traditional finance, financial transactions are never made public for the world to see.

-Sapphire brings value to the Web3 gaming sector by incorporating confidentiality, as most popular Web2 games have some private components.

-Sapphire’s Confidentiality features could help NFT minting and the gas wars that often ensue.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


1st Place – $800 in $ROSE

2nd Place – $400 in $ROSE

3rd Place – $200 in $ROSE


1. Create a conceptual project that uses Sapphire to bring privacy to web3 or web2, and design a pitch deck or detailed doc using the criteria below, as if you were going to present this idea to investor. Submissions must be created in English!
2. One project per individual or team
3. Submissions are required to complete this form and include a detailed doc, slides, or video presentation – see criteria for more details on what submissions must include! Make sure your proposal is thorough and well thought out!
4. Submissions are due Sep 20, 2022
5. Attend pitch night to pitch on September 21, 2022 and pitch your project in 5 minutes or less; the top 5 projects will be selected by highest rating from pitch night attendees
6. Top 5 projects will present their project at demo day on September 26, 2022, and community members will watch the stream and then “invest” in the project they find most useful or exciting. Voting will be open until September 28, 2022   ***Any vote manipulation or brigading will result in disqualification from the competition
7. All teams must adhere to the community guidelines listed here
8. All winners must pass KYC in order to receive rewards

Criteria for submitting your concept:

1. Project Name/ Brief Introduction (what project do you want to build on sapphire)
2. Define the problem that your mock project is aiming to solve with Sapphire
3. Describe the solution (your project) – this portion should clearly describe how your project AND Sapphire solves the problem at hand
4. Highlight the industry need for your project by sharing the market size and opportunity- please use detailed stats and market research to demonstrate this
5. How do you plan to use sapphire?
6. What does the business model look like?
7. Closing remarks – what does the future look like with this project